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Thread: Questions about Jefferson and plot (big spoilers)

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    Questions about Jefferson and plot (big spoilers)

    I was shocked when Jefferson showed up in the junkyard at the end of episode 4.
    I know it seems obvious now with him just being so nice and dropping a subtle hint at the beginning of the game. (Does he ever say anything else that hints at his true intentions? I don't think so?) Also with all that misdirection of Nathan being so OBVIOUSLY the bad guy. Although I did suspect Nathan was just a tool for the real main villian I was shocked when it turned out to be Jefferson. He seemed like such a nice guy. And the realistic way the game portrayed all the characters made me think he really was just a cool teacher.

    It would have been cool to hear a more interesting reason for why he did what he did. Like maybe he felt pressured to keep putting out good works for his photo career and felt this was the only way. Maybe that is the logical reason. Also he is a sicko of course haha.

    But my question is: Was Jefferson really in cahoots with Sean Prescott and then used Nathan as a pawn? How did Jefferson get all the money from Sean Prescott for the dark room and how the heck was Prescott just ok with it? Was he wanting something from the situation? Did he not know? But how could he not if it was his money that was used? Is it obvious? I am surprised I haven't seen anyone talk about this. I honestly thought they were maybe going to pull a Cabin in the Woods and say they were doing it to appease the Gods haha. Kinda glad they didn't.

    Also, why does the Universe want Chloe dead so badly?
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    Well, Principle Wells does mention in that art gallery in San Fransisco that Sean Prescott wasn't aware of what Jefferson was doing with his Dark Room, and Nathan. And, when he took on Nathan as a student, he gave him access to the Prescott fortune in return, allowing him to purchase all the equipment needed for his dark purposes, hence the name of his bunker. But, he didn't tell Nathan everything. Nathan also got him the drugs he wanted by getting them from Frank. And he did mention another hint in Episode 2, during his lecture about black and white photography, since that's what his work is specifically focused on. And his obsession.
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    Oh ok interesting. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dmax28 View Post
    Oh ok interesting. Thanks.
    Happy to help, mate

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    Unfortunately, Dontnot didn't focus very much on the story with Mr. Jefferson, the Prescotts and the Darkroom during the final episode. They based it more around Chloe and Max's relationship for the fans and pricefielders so the plot suffered a little. A lot of questions went unanswered, so the majority is just fan speculation. That's one of the reasons why it didn't do so good on the critic review section, their plot went downhill in episode 5.

    It would be good if Dontnod released some information about this, maybe write a short graphic novel or something so our questions can be answered?

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    Jefferson didn't get the money. Nathan got the money. His father has spent a lot of money on therapy for Nathan and never got the results he wanted. If he thought Nathan indulging in a hobby could help keep him calm, focussed and out of the way he'd throw money at it. However, he clearly doesn't actually pay attention to his son so remained unaware of the details of what Nathan was doing or how Jefferson was manipulating him.

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    They based it more around Chloe and Max's relationship
    That has always been the main focus of the game. Max & Chloe's friendship is the story and everything else is just there to help push their relationship along.

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    That has always been the main focus of the game. Max & Chloe's friendship is the story and everything else is just there to help push their relationship along.
    I don't think that's true. We spent a long time in Blackwell, with Kate, etc. If they gave us a little more time with friends from Blackwell, I don't think that many people would choose that ending.

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