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Thread: FAQ: Expedition Mode - Remnant Resistance

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    FAQ: Expedition Mode - Remnant Resistance

    Q: What is Remnant Resistance?

    A: Remnant Resistance is an objective-based challenge mode that is played in Rise’s large “hub” spaces. Players can choose to play existing Remnant Resistance missions made by their friends and the Tomb Raider community, or create their own mission. A Remnant Resistance mission is composed of five objectives, which can involve things like taking down a high value target, collecting intel documents, hunting animals, or more. Additionally, the creator can set Lara up with the costume and weapons of their choice, as well as apply up to five of the standard expedition cards. Lastly, the creator can choose where the challenge takes place, at what time, and what weather is active.

    The harder the mission, the higher the reward (in credits). However, the creator must beat their own mission for it to get posted to the leaderboards. Difficulty can vary from objective to objective. For example, a normal difficulty objective to rescue hostages, followed by a high difficulty objective to take down a bear.

    Players familiar with Hitman: Absolution’s Contracts Mode should feel right at home in Remnant Resistance.

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