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Thread: FAQ: Expedition Mode - Score Attack

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    FAQ: Expedition Mode - Score Attack

    Q: What is Score Attack?

    A: Score Attack adds an arcade-inspired twist to Rise of the Tomb Raider. In Score Attack, you play through the chapters of campaign attempting to get the highest score you can.

    Q: What affects my score in Score Attack?

    A: The following give you points in Score Attack:

    • Score Attack Wisps and Lanterns: Throughout the level the player will find blue wisps and orange lanterns. Wisps are collected for points by touching them, while the lanterns must be shot. The farther away from a lantern you are when you shoot it, the more points its worth.
    • Kills: Players are granted points for every kill. The bigger the enemy, the more points you get. Additionally, certain types of kills may be worth more than a straight kill. Headshots, melee kills, and kills using crafted weapons are worth more than whittling an enemy down in direct confrontation. Additionally, the base value of an enemy kill is multiplied by the difficulty setting.
    • Pick Up Items: Any resource you harvest, chest you open, or ammo you find will give you points.
    • Combo Meter: Anything that gives you points increases your combo meter. The higher your combo meter, the more points you’ll get from kills, items, wisps and lanterns. The combo meter will run out if you do not score points quickly enough, and will reset instantly if you take damage.
    • Damage, Death and Checkpoint Reloads: Every time you take damage, you lose points and reset your combo meter. Dying or reloading checkpoints resets your score to your last saved checkpoint, resets your meter, and subtracts an additional penalty. These penalties are bigger at higher difficulty settings.
    • Time: From the start of a Score Attack, a time bonus starts ticking down. The remainder left when you complete the chapter is added to your score.
    • Expedition Cards: The sum of your score plus time bonus is multiplied by the total bonus provided by cards you applied to your Score Attack session. Generally, this means that if you use a bunch of cards that make the game easier, your final Score Attack score will be less than if you used cards that made the game more challenging.

    Once your final score is determined, you gain medals based on how close you were to the score “pars” for the mission. A gold medal means more credits than a silver, and a silver means more credits than a bronze.
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    It's worth to mention that when you completed a challenge during Score Attack the credits will be instantly added to your bank, even if you didn't completed the level.

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    Score attack is a fantastic addition to the main game and any credits earned are added immediately which is a fantastic bonus.However I've earned quite a few bronze silver and gold medals but I've noticed I've not had them added to my total.Could someone tell me why this is happening please?I replayed the red mine score attack to better my scores and noticed from about 6/8 medals I had earns I received one?At the beginning of my session I had a total of 4 medals and after several medals were achieved I'm still,days later showing 5 medals?It would be great if this could be sorted out as it does spoil things .

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