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Thread: Physical console release?

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    Physical console release?

    Hey guys! Awesome game. I completed it on Steam, and it ruined my weekend... as most games that hit me on a personal level tend to do.

    I'm looking forward to playing through it again on my PS4 someday, but I don't go digital on the consoles unless I absolutely have to. Word around the rumor mill was that this might see a physical retail release? Most people speculated we might hear more about it (if anything) when the final episode was out.

    Has there been any word about it in the last few weeks? Even an official confirmation that it ISN'T happening would be nice, because then I might just cut my losses and snag a digital copy.


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    I could even see something like a slipcased limited edition featuring physical Maxine's diary "feelie" item! That would be great as I absolutely love its artstyle ingame.. Inner side of the book's backcover can serve as EP1-5 discholder for PC/PS3/PS4/X360/XOne version of the game.

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    Oh, yes, pleeease make collector's edition with Max's journal!
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    I think Dontnod CEO has already confirmed some form of physical release together with OST on CD, anyway, I think that substantial incentive for many people to buy this in physical form would also be reworked and extended EP5 as both of the endings felt not only rushed but also utterly illogical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GiovanniKekelli View Post
    as both of the endings felt not only rushed but also utterly illogical.
    Pretty much this, such a good series almost ruined by such an underwhelming finale. Actually, I plan on to elaborate on this a little bit elsewhere.

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    If money and time constraints were the problem and so it seems to me, Dontnod should go for Kickstarter in order to repair endings of EP5 now. I would be among the first to pledge. Also, don't hesitate to voice your opinion, Tweety, that's what forums are for. Despite the fact of discontent with the endings being expressed troughout the internet - even if it all won't change anything, it's important for good guys and gals at Dontnod to know which aspects of the last episode haven't been handled very well, so they can at least improve their work even more for upcoming Vampyr.

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