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devil's night animated banner

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    devil's night animated banner

    will the event banners be getting the same treatment as the class banners where if you already bought them you will get the animated versions for free?
    or will we have to gamble for them?
    I ask because i got the banners the first time around and i was hoping for an animated update like the class banners
    but no one has said anything about it.
    it would make me awful sad to have to pay for them when not to long ago the same thing happened and a separate group of people did not have to pay and were simply upgraded.
    any official response on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hello there,

    The Devil's Night 2015 Chests contain a different array of content than those of 2014. Some new, some seen before, some that is otherwise exceedingly rare. The animated banners are new for the 2015. They are different items, and as such won't retroactively apply to 2014 banners I'm afraid.

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