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Thread: A Well Deserved Thank You to the makers of this game.

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    A Well Deserved Thank You to the makers of this game.

    I know that the endings of this game are receiving some slack, its a mixed bag of reviews, some good.. some bad.

    But instead of ranting, writing alternate fan fictions to try and please myself, or spreading hate messages, Im just going to say thank you.

    Thank you for making a game with characters that actually feel like real people, making a story thats so emotional and relatable, for making something that doesn't just involve a bunch of polygons with generic voice acting.. but something so much more.

    I know you guys are having some budget problems and may feel like all this work was for little gain but I guarantee you for a small team that no one really knew about you did darn good.. you made one of the arguably best stories out there that you can grab and changed many peoples perspective on life, friendship and love.

    You did awesome and don't take all the slack too personal, if anything, they are complaining because they loved your game so much.

    Even though I'm sad to see this story end I hope that Life is Strange and its world aren't gone for good and can return in the future.

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    Well said!

    I said it in another thread before:

    Quote Originally Posted by codemasher View Post
    This game touched my heart. More than any other game did before.
    Now that the story has come to an end i feel like i'm missing some true friends.
    I'm grateful for the time i could spend with them and i'd really love to see them again.
    Please do it.

    Thanks Dontnod for creating this game. You left me speechless.

    (i'm in tears while writing that last lines)

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    Even if i don't like the ends and i think that the game and his story can do much more (sequel with same characters or director cut please), i must thank Dontnod for do this great game too.

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    If this game was a movie or in TV, it would be blockbuster. Seriously.

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    Ignoring the controversial endings, the game is a almost real masterpiece IMO. You can see that the game is a work of love and passion. The majority of it is so well done and just amazing. The characters, story, music, art design, gameplay. Everything is spectacular. It was an awesome experience and I would like to thank the developers too. If they just polished up the endings a little bit, it would be icing on the cake.

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