Thread: Public service announcement: Aoe Heals

Public service announcement: Aoe Heals

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    Public service announcement: Aoe Heals

    Dear Community,

    If you have an alchemist in your party running heals, please be aware of aoe heals. If an alchemist throws an aoe heal at your feet in an act of kindness, please don't then go all Leeroy Jenkins and go running (with only 20oish hp) into a group of three vamps firing wildly your viscous cannon. Your not Rambo. You will die and the rest of the group will pay for your mistakes.

    Remember to stick together and cover one another, especially if the healer is throwing said aoe heal to heal the group. This not the time to go running across the map after that one vampire you spotted out of the corner of your eye, while the other three line up to ambush you. Again, you are not Rambo. You will die.

    Finally, do not insult the healer for some perceived slight when said healer has spent 10 minute keeping you alive. Again you are not Rambo and I will let your ungrateful die.

    That is all.
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    As a user of healing potion myself, I wholeheartedly agree. I always warn at the start of the round with a "I gots the heals" to the team, so if you are low on health and run away from me instead of towards me, I'm gonna throw the heal at the feet of the guy that is just missing 50 HP. Don't come complaining later.