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Thread: How would you rate the whole game, after finishing episode 5?

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    How would you rate the whole game, after finishing episode 5?

    The title sums it up.

    How would you rate the complete game?

    Here's my ratings:

    IMO Episodes 1 - 4 deserve a rating of 9/10. Those episodes were just great. It was simply an awesome experience. Great characters. Great Story. Heartbreaking choices. A great soundtrack, etc. Only some minor issues for me (The graphics, while not bad, could have been a little bit better. I would have liked a few more puzzles).

    I would rate episode 5 with 7/10. While the episode was great for the most part and I enjoyed most of it, there's still the issues with the ending (especially with the "Sacrifice Arcadida Bay" one. It felt a bit lackluster). Also, I was a bit disappointed that some of the minor characters didn't get a bit more screentime in the final episode. So, the episode, while still good, wasn't as great as the other episodes IMO.

    My final score for all episodes together would be 8/10. Despite my issues with the ending, I'm so glad that I had the chance to play this awesome and amazing game. It was a great ride. One of the best games I've played in years.

    So, thank you Dontnod for all the work and this awesome experience!

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    I rate it with 1-4 10/10 bcs. it´s had no failures and the composition of all parts story, gameplay, grafik, sound and voice acting, controls, (almost no technical issus) are perfect for me. Noone can make it better. Sure you can give it a better grafik for example but this doesn´t enhance the gameexpirence from LIS the whole package dontnod create is simply perfect.

    The 5th episode is for me a 5/10 bcs. the episode breaks with all they had done in the first four. All overall a 09/10.
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    I can say with complete certainty that this is the best game I have ever played, it is an absolute gem. For me, the most important features of a game are the characters, story and gameplay. So, I'm going to give my opinions on those aspects.

    Max is the most developed protagonist I have ever played as and I loved playing as her. She was relatable and her back story was explored in great detail that made me want to find out so much more about her. Chloe was an absolute pleasure interacting with and has many qualities that I - and many others - wish they had. She is exciting, energetic, vibrant, the list could go on and on. I can say the same for many of the characters including Max and even those who were only a small part of the game.

    The high school setting is one that is not often used in games. Off the top of my head I can only think of Canis Canem Edit (or Bully) that has used this setting. For me, this brought back a lot of memories from my high school days - which were only 2 years ago. They were the best days of my life and I'm sure many people would agree that they loved their time in high school. Being able to experience that with Max for a short while was fantastic. The episodic nature of the game also contributed to this great story. I started playing when Episode 2 was released and for the remaining 3 episodes I would come up with hundreds of ways that I thought the story was gonna go. This only enhanced the experience and got me hyped each time the release date of a new episode was announced. It's a shame that those who play the game for the first time now won't be able to experience that as the game is fully available.

    I loved the simplicity of the rewind feature in this game and the puzzle solving that came along with it. While there was not a lot of puzzle solving in Episode 5, I was too engrossed in the story to even think about it. It was really nice to be able to sit back and enjoy the game rather than playing an action packed game - which can get boring after a while.

    The characters were 10/10.
    The story was 10/10.
    The gameplay was 10/10.

    I know it may look like I've given this game more credit than you think it's due but it's my opinion after all. My experience of this game was like no other I have ever played. A lot of the reasons I give for liking it are personal to me and I think that's fine. Everyone is different. I am devastated that this is over. All good things have to come to an end however, and I'm glad the game has such a good soundtrack that I can listen to for the rest of my life. Of course, I will always keep my copy of the game and play it every now and again haha.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ross42899 View Post
    So, thank you Dontnod for all the work and this awesome experience!
    What he said haha

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    It was okay I don't regret playing the game. I'm not sure of any replay value because of the ending and how choices didn't matter much apart from comparing it to others. The writing was cheesy in areas but one thing the game did well is character relationships especially Max and Chloe two girls who were best friends as kids and drifted apart in their teens due to Max moving away. Rebuilding that friendship and exploring their past and present was one of the best things in the whole game.

    The voice acting was very hit and miss as were the graphics but for this kind of game the visual experience was very well done compared to many other episodic titles. My favourite voice actor was Chloe's it feels like she really understood the character and what she should sound like. Alyssa was probably the biggest miss. I laughed each time she spoke.

    The puzzles were okay though at times a little frustrating and messed with the pace of the game it's like they'd build to some big reveal then lock it behind a puzzle so the anticipation gets broken up. They could have probably paced the puzzles a little better. The whole maze part during the dream sequence just felt like they were trying to drag things out because they ran out of ideas and needed it to last at least 2 hours.

    The story itself had charm but was predictable and didn't really try anything new it's just a rehash of ideas told many times before in a new setting. It all had the feel of a TV movie you see on a Sunday afternoon and end up watching it because nothing else is on. You don't feel your time was robbed but you also don't feel you'd ever want to see it again. The first 3 episodes were decent then it dragged on into sillyness. Episode 2 was probably the best one it was really about rebuilding that friendship Max and Chloe had with them bonding again. That was the episode that really hooked me in and I liked Episode 3 also as a follow up.

    Overall I'd give it 6/10. It was a fun experience and had some things I liked about it but I think the last two episodes got a bit airy fairy, I don't want to use the word "pretentious" but it kinda started going that way in episode 5. They should have concentrated on things that were good about the game like characters and relationship building instead of trying to be all artistic and deep.

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    Before the end 9/10. After the end 7'5/10.

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    The first 4 episodes 11/10, the 5th 7,5/10. Overall 11/10

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    I am not sure I can rate this game at all, I've written plenty of stuff what I feel about here and there.

    If anything I would write an extensive review about it with all the good and bad stuff when it comes to Life is Strange as a game, and then as a separate story and then finally as a personal experience.
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    I'd give 9/10 for combined Ep.01-04, but with Ep.05 and the ending together it's 7,5/10. But I firmly believe that a Director's cut DLC can fix that.

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    10/10 GOTY
    - most powerful story in decades
    - most [i am missing an adjective here] cliffhangers and plot twists
    - best voice acting by Ashly Burch and Hannah Telle (damn, this game would be nothing without these Ladies!)
    - best visuals (the Unreal engine looks pretty nice - nothing to argue here, but i loathe it's gameplay compared to id engines which happily doesn't matter most of the time in LiS)
    - [fill in here]

    I am serious here.

    Sure, the game has it's flaws (and no, it's not the missing kiss when you save Chloe - i agree with Michel Koch here) but you know what: the incredible story and characters more than outhweigh this.

    That being said, i truly hope for a Director's Cut one day, which not only includes the kissing scene in case you kissed Chloe earlier ("You are Maxine Caulfield and you are amazing!" - damn, Chloe's look - she's almost asking for it!), but also sheds some light on how and why Max aquired her power, where it comes from and what Rachel, Jefferson and the Prescotts knew about and had to do with it - some things suggested that there may be a connection.

    I do also hope for translations of the game so that more people can enjoy it in their native language, but i guess it'll be hard to find voice actors that are able to create such amazing characters like Hannah and Ashly did. (i mean, is it even possible to NOT fall in love with Max and Chloe?)

    But you know what the true rating is:

    This game touched my heart. More than any other game did before.
    Now that the story has come to an end i feel like i'm missing some true friends.
    I'm grateful for the time i could spend with them and i'd really love to see them again.
    Please do it.

    Thanks Dontnod for creating this game. You left me speechless.

    (i'm in tears while writing that last lines)

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    Each Episode

    EP 1: 10/10
    EP 2: 10/10
    EP 3: 10/10
    EP 4: 9/10 [I felt like they missed an opportunity to put more information about Rachel in David's files.]
    EP 5: 9/10 [That nightmare scene was longer than it necessarily had to be. They could've cut out the "backwards" Day 1 scene and a majority of the maze.]

    Overall: 9.5/10

    A great game is not without its flaws. Several people have already mentioned lip synching issues and dialogue issues, so I won't repeat them. Most of the "flaws" that I see are really miniscule in nature and don't really derail the experience for me.

    I love the voice acting. Near perfection. Can't wait to "see" them in other works. (Hehe. Get it? Because you don't see a voice actor/actress/person....

    I'll see myself out).

    And again, thank you Dontnod for delivering this incredible masterpiece. I fell in love with Remember Me and I fell even more in love with Life is Strange. I can't wait to see what you do in the future.

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