Thread: Clean second playthrough is impossible?

Clean second playthrough is impossible?

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    Clean second playthrough is impossible?

    I wanted to start over without losing everything in New Game while discovering new Paradox Endings (with given scope obviously) so I closed gate of New Bodhum 003AF and entered it. Everything reset (except items, sidequests with some cutscenes) and all was going well but then as I progressed I have unlocked Academia 400AF, Archylte Steppe (Year Unknown), Bresha Ruins 300AF and stuck. Regardless all these gates are actually open, I can't enter locations for some unknown reason, I hit Enter and nothing happends. Why?

    Should I open New Bodhum 003AF and then close/reopen each gate indidvidually to reset story? Is there no way to follow the story and unlock gates in particular order as if I replay story from the scratch?

    Solved. It appeared I lack Gate Seals to enable time reversal for those locations. Closed Yaschas Massif 01X AF, replayed it, got into Void Beyond, used Moogle Throw to get needed Seals and viola. Another 2 have been found in Oerba 300 AF and Bresha Ruins 300 AF respectively. Hope this info could help someone who might be stuck the same way.
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