Thread: {WLπ} is looking for members for an ESL team. (NA only)

{WLπ} is looking for members for an ESL team. (NA only)

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    {WLπ} is looking for members for an ESL team. (NA only)

    Hello all! Paget Brewster here!
    Our team We Like Pie is looking for two teammates to complete an ESL team.

    We are currently searching for mature players who are serious about getting into the competitive ESL scene. We are located in North America so this is unfortunately NA only. We need players who know the game, maps, and classes. People who can play multiple classes and understand counter class picks. You need to be observant of the team around you and working well with us is a must.

    You must be able to commit to playing with us for a couple times a week to practice and sundays free to compete!
    We are EST timezone -5 GMT.

    If this sounds like you then please post on this thread or contact me on steam @: {WLπ} Paget Brewster

    Oh and you must like pie
    In Game name/Steam: {WLπ} Paget Brewster

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    These guys are seriously some of the best players I know! They work super hard and coordinated, super talented! plus they are super fun
    Not only are they amazing players, but their personalities are super awesome!

    In my opinion they are a perfect catch if you want to be serious in nosgoth, while having fun!

    If I could play ESL with them, I would do it in a heartbeat <3