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    OK, I'll make a confession here: I haven't actually watched or read much of this series, for all the people I knew who were obsessive over it years ago. I won't deny that this is one title that helped to bring Japanese anime and manga into the mainstream North American market.

    Discuss here!

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    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is one of the best anime shows I've ever seen. I read a bit of the manga, but not the entire thing and to know that it followed the manga was refreshing. I also watched the original Fullmetal Alchemist anime and loved it too, but not as much. Both are worth watching, that's for sure!

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    It's definitely a series someone new to anime should check out. You should read the manga, since the anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood left out some stuff here & there, but nothing much. That anime followed the manga storyline.

    I would not recommend the first Fullmetal anime (I might be bias here), since they did not follow the manga's storyline & I did not like it personally, due to its tone & feel. But its up to you ^_^

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    For those who were part of the SE Manga/Anime group on here before, you might already know that I'm an avid FMA fangirl who does (maybe too much) importing. I have almost all of the import art/guide books and until SEM went offline recently had been patiently waiting to post another Fullmetal Detrius journal displaying my current haul. This will have to wait some more....

    @ FMA Original Series

    Even though Brotherhood is superior as it follows the manga, it's an unfair comparison since when the first anime ended, there were only about 6-7 of the manga books out in Japan. Very much a work in progress. As far as the new series goes, the storyline's fantastic...but for some reason I prefer the animation style of the original better. Both have merits!

    Don't remember posting this in the SE Manga/Anime group so I'm going to re-post this link here: (Warning! Very very mild NSFW moments therein! Namely Ed posed with a scantily clad girly!)

    Usually, you'll see/hear me playfully getting on SE to be a little bit more free with their licenses in the advent that another company wishes to make figures of their characters. Since Ed Elric has only had a few Play Arts, others have stepped up to the plate to deliver their rendition of everyone's favorite "shortstop". In most cases, the results are good: Medicom's superb Ed dolls, Megahouse's recent and well detailed figure and Good Smile Company's excellent Nendoroid chibi. (Pleeease! Let GSC make a full sized one of these!!! Or at least a Figma!)

    The above entry is for none of these, and it would reinforce SE's case to keep their characters to themselves. Japanese company Revoltech released an Ed figure not long ago and this shows off some of the dissapointing results. >_>

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    "Fullmetal Alchemist's Fullmetal Battle App Heads to Android"

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    I think it's a good series and we can really ask ourselves some ethics and philisophies questions. I was able to give a philosophical reasoning from this anime series.

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    Some more scans from the FMA Chronicle book:

    Olivier wants to rip off someone's antenna...Toboso's Black Butler Style!

    Although I seriously doubt that Soul would take umbrage to his re-design, Maka might have issues with Ed's taste. (Check out Shinigami-sama!)

    While Takahashi's take on the Armstrongs is pretty sweet, this pic needs some Shampoo!

    Edward's Bizzare Adventure

    Fullmetal Detrius MK. 3

    Shown: FMA Stamp Book, with a full sheet of the FMA Stamps! Useful for sending mail in Amestris..and also Japan!

    FMA CoS Scenario Book. Has the script of the movie.

    Monthly Anime Style. This magazine/book came with the Nendoroid Chibi of Ed. Also has a rather raunchy manga in the back of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. Score!!!

    Next picture has:

    FMA SSoM Memorial Book. An artbook of th new movie.

    FMA Illustrations Book 3. Cover and other art for the end of the manga series.

    FMA Chronicle. If you are a fan GET THIS BOOK. It's thicker thanyou'd imagine and has all of the 4-koma that was in the supplement books. (Covered in the recently released new FMA OVA collection.) Also has those guest interpretations by all Gangan manga-ka...and those extras.

    Promo artbooks. One is Prince of the Dawn and the other is Daughter of Dusk. One of them is hard cover.

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    Full Metal Alchemist Recruitment starts today with Edward Elric and Scar entering Lunnain!
    - Log-in each day to celebrate our upcoming Full Metal Alchemist collaboration with handy items each day!

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    I never knew there's a game available.