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Looking for a team

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    Looking for a team

    Been playing Nosgoth for a while and have been looking to improve my skill and rank through more than just playing alone. I've been the climbing the ranks very fast and only took me a few days to get to high blood. I am looking for some people who are as dedicated to the game as i am and play as much as i do. If that's you guys then let me know

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    Hey man,
    Include your region so people know, this will help a lot
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    Hey there!
    If your 16+ I recommend joining a community called the Chaos Vanguard.
    Our Nosgoth section is brand new and want to expand!
    Essentially the Chaos Vanguard (CV) is a multi-gaming community that aims to provide a fun and safe environment for players. We have a lot of people from all different games to play with such as LoL, Hots,Smite and Dota and many more.
    Thanks Orthac
    You can find us at:
    Website: Forums: TeamSpeak:
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