Thread: [EU] LF 2 more players (competitive)

[EU] LF 2 more players (competitive)

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    [EU] LF 2 more players (competitive)


    We are 2 friends looking for 2 more players to play ESL cups etc.
    Both of us have competitive experience in other games, I was top ranked in many games (listed on Steam) and also played a lot of minor and major tournaments in my life. My friend was Supreme in CS:GO so I think he can aim at least :P

    So, we are looking for someone who has some experience in other games or in Nosgoth already. We aim for TOP100 ladder in this month and also for winning ESL's cups as a team of course If you are interested in joining us just add me on Steam so we can talk.

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    I like that some new players are trying to compete in ESL, but I think with only 24 Hours you should first try to understand the game.
    It´ll be no fun for you to play against some teams with 1000+ hours and you should play it a bit longer before you try to form a team. So , if you need some help to find players or general Nosgoth Info´s you can add me ( ! Maybe I can help you in some way out !
    Keep it up!

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    Is this still up to date?

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    Check out the Nosgoth Discord Server, if you are still looking for a team. We are trying to help out there.
    Feel free to join over 300 of us on the Nosgoth Discord Server using one of those links: |