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Thread: [REPOST] Warp's answers from Amy

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    [REPOST] Warp's answers from Amy

    [ Reposted from the old SR2 forum, original post by Warpsavant ]

    I got these answers from Amy and she said some other cool stuff, and she said I could share the answers with everyone at the forum, so I can post it here so you can all see. I included the intro too, as I thought it was really good.

    Another side note -- I do read all the LoK message boards and forums as regularly as possible, so people should understand that we do see and consider all of their feedback, even if we don't participate openly on the boards. They should know that the forums are a "direct line" to us, and we consider everyone's questions, concerns, frustrations, etc. as we develop the SR games.

    I see on some boards (particularly the GameFAQs board) some longtime fans noting perceived inconsistencies in the LoK fiction, and questioning our research and familiarity with BO:LoK's story.
    I don't know if you've encountered this, but I'd want to assure those people that I do in fact know the LoK history/mythology inside and out, having worked on it since mid-'95. I also have a lot of unique information that none of the fans are privy to -- including a year of collaboration with SK on BO:LoK, and all the original BO:LoK design documents that were created over that game's 3.5-year development (including a lot of cut or altered material).
    So many things were left vague and open to interpretation in BO:LoK, that generally these "inconsistencies" are simply a matter of my interpretation of the material not matching a fan's interpretation. And of course there are those elements which are inconsistent or illogical within the BO:LoK story itself (or between the various LoK sources, including the FAQ and the strategy guide), which I've done my best to re-frame or clarify within the sequels.

    And a final note -- we do in fact make mistakes sometimes. Or more often there are times when an artist might misinterpret or misrepresent something, and we have no time to go back and fix it, because it's considered a minor ("C") bug and there are more important things to address before the game is released. With all our care and desire for depth and consistency, in the end this is a business and we're constantly under pressure from the publisher. As a result, certain things that we -- as artists -- think are important still get left on the cutting room floor, or go unfixed, because there's simply no time.

    Okay, after that long-winded introduction, on to the questions --


    Q: What was Voradoor before Janos made him a vampire?

    Q: How did Janos make Voradoor-like Kain made Raziel and his sons, or like Mortanius made Kain? Was the way Kain made and the way Kain created his brethren the same? How'd Voradoor make his children?

    Q: The blue ancients, reproduce like humans, until they get the Blood Curse,then they are infertile for whatever reason, thus they die out. This is why they are extinct right? Except for Janos and maybe Raz.

    Q: Why was the Circle defenseless? Their magic fails in the cut scene, Moebius even says they are defensless in Sr2. Is it becasue Malek was not there, or their magic failed? What were they doing in there? And where was Mortanius all this time? Off getting possessed?

    Q: Did Voradoor follow raziel to the Stronghold, or the Sarafan, or is just a giant coincedence that V shows up, when the Circles magic fails, and Moebius and Raziel are distractng Malek?

    Q: What exactly is the meaning of the Lost City? I know its just a place for secrets, but who made it? The fact that this city appears to be UNDER the
    Lake of the Dead, and the Lake of the Dead is where the Abyss is, always made me think there was some connection. I know this oe may be a gameplay issue, but thats why I asked like who made the place? Like who lived there?

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    Q: Did Kain ever get a token (binding item) When he finally made his way to the pillars they were corrupt and incapable of giving him a binding item I would think. But this was interesting question I had to put it down. =)

    Q: When did Malek gets fused? Right after the circle was killed, or shortly after? When Morty fuses him he says serve US for eternity. But its only him and Moebius left. Or are the other circle members allready choosen at this point?

    Q: Same with Anacrothe, he says serve us Morti or die. Morti then kills him. When Anacrothe said this, he had just called Kain a monster, and everyone else in the Circle is dead. So who is the US Anacrothe means?

    Q: THEN LOL the Dark Entity emerges, and is like my silencing of Ariel...I was like that means murder, but in Sr2 Raz says the gaurdians invited the dark Forces themselves, and Ariel knew! She was like Kain handed them their
    victory. So did Ariel know something? Alot of people say they want more
    Ariel, too. I thought her scene was very important, but other people wanted
    more Ariel.

    Q: And now, is Hash the demon at the end!? It says no where that he is or isnt. In fact, only time Hash is mentioned is under Avernus. But nothing directly states that demon is in fact Hashakgik, its only the Dark Entity. Thats why he is the Unspoken, everyone fears his wrath if they say his name.

    Q: Is Moebius staff the same? This is now another reason Voradoor was helpless at his execution. as Moebius had the staff. And the new and improved vampire hunters as well as noted on SK FAq's. (not the staff just the hunters, thats why we want to know if the staff is the same).

    Q: Can Moebius shift thru time at will? Or does he use device? And Kain? How does he move around thru time? Is Turel manning the Chronoplast or something? Can the time devices/chambers be used only once? The chronoplast?

    Q: What happend to Elzevir and Ottmar and the Princess? LOL Did they get lost in the time shuffle? Keep in mind not all these are my questions I picked some ones I thought otther people had were good too. LOL Elzevir trpas souls in effigys he is scary. LOL!

    Okay! Thats all from SR2/BO1, there were some others but I was like she cant answer what is the binding thats not good to ask, so questions like what are the Binding will be on the list I post at the forum as we cant know about that yet!

    Here is SR1

    Q: Is that Turels concept picture on page 27 of the PSX manual? I know this is gameplay but I had to ask, Ive been wondering who that guy is. LOL!

    Q: People want Turel, they think becasue SR2 says "eluded" or escaped my vengeance, I forget, that Raz actually met him. I was like no, he wasnt
    there. But alot of people want a Vampire Turel and more Malek.

    faq=Q: Did raziel just fall into the Elders Lair? And like adapt somehow to his
    A: Do you mean was Raziel correct in his accusations in his final confrontation with the Elder God? When people hear the dialogue, it's important to remember that just because a character says something, it isn't necessarily correct. What you're hearing is that character's opinion and subjective interpretation. So if you mean: "did Raziel just drop into the EG's lap by coincidence, or did the EG have something to do with his resurrection?" Let's just say Raziel doesn't know everything yet, and neither do we.[/faq]

    faq=Q: Why is the Underworld not in the Spectral Realm? Does it not exist? Is it another plane/dimension? Is it just the "deep spectral" realm and doesnt
    come in contact with the material plane? I dont know what this one falls
    A: The Underworld is in the spectral realm... I'm not sure what this question means.[/faq]

    Q: Kain says he destoryed what he created. Did he destory Raziels clan, or did they die out like the ancients, being they are similiar?

    Q: Why did he break the wings??

    Okay thats it!
    Legacy of Kain: The Lost Worlds

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    This is definitely something that deserves reposting!

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    Man, this is awesome! Thanks a lot.

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    blincoln, do you know how warpsavent got to talk to Amy?
    Free will is an illusion.

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    (phew!) That was a lot of reading. Thanks for reposting that. I missed it the first time.

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    Originally posted by KainSyndrome101
    blincoln, do you know how warpsavent got to talk to Amy?
    magic... that's all you need to know

    good one blinc, we need this one to be saved.

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    Yes, this must be saved indeed. This is very valuble info for us LOKaholics.

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    this thread got 5 stars!

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    warp, how do you get to talk to her? That's like, so freakin' cool.
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    Uhmm, he's her bit on the side ::wink wink, nudge nudge::

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    Warp just has mad skills =).
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    he stood in line for hours, then begged her for an interview...she eventually gave in to his charm and wisdom...

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    Big Grin

    I can't wait to see Turel!

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    Thumbs Up

    Great job blinc, for recovering this valuable piece of LoK information.
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    I was here the last time this was posted.........

    So I'm gunna be now. Great info that yeah, should be saved. Warp, still thatnking you for this. I'm finnaly over here. After fixing my keyboard, I can post. Copying and pasting letters with my mouse IS OVER. Thats why I didn't post for a while. Keyboard went crazy and wasn't working right.

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    I sent her some questions as well. I just emailed Chris and he passed it on. He said she got it but that was months ago. I might ask him if she's had chance to reply yet, but I won't ask too often so I can't be accused of delaying SR3!

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    The whole team is really busy right now, I can imagine.
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    I agree. I hope we can control ourselves so we don't start nagging them about the release date of SR3 so they can finish it properly, this time.
    "Where time is but a loop, a loose stitch in the universal cloth. A Streamer might seize upon a chance -a fatal slip- and plunge the fate of planets into chaos."

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    We would hope.

    It would be a first though for CD. It would be a grand event and all would rejoice at the great accomplishment. I hope.......but they are forced by others and not really us. So it is very plausable it would happen again. I hope not....but it might.

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    The Balance Guardian is different from the other Guardians -- he/she is the hub, the still point around which all the other Pillars principles turn...
    Hmm.. now where have I heard something like THAT before?

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    The still center of the turning whell, the hub of this worlds destiny

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    " ...the fulcrum on which that balance turns." I wasn't talking about nagging about the release date before, just my letter to Amy. But yeah, that too.

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