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Thread: How do I get a signature and other vital questions.

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    I'm new here, but I've noticed no avatars? Odd.

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    Goran your sig speaks to evreyone in these forums.. DIE INDY DIE..

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    Another source of sigs, should you want one, is Staticon & Skustings Sig Asylum.
    If you want to pay a visit, just click on my sig.
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    "Aha!" - Lara Croft (1996).........."Arrrghhhh!" (2016)
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    I can get the image to work but it wont appear in my sig, whats up?

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    A WINNER never quits, and never will a QUITTER win!

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    attempt to make my sig work....

    that actually isn't my signature, but it is what i want my sig to be... are you allowed to put html's in your sig? if so, how?

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    Hmm, havent used this for a while cos it screwed up last time, lets see.....

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    Question Just a Q'

    How come we can't have Avatars?... or if you can.. then how?

    ...Oh nevermind me.. I already know...

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    testing testing 123

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    awww it didn't work

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    Question ????????????????????????????????

    Ok now I'm confused.

    GoranAgar (or anyone else who knows what to do) will you please guide me step by step about how to get a picture sig.

    I'm 14, stupid, and a little on the slow side, so please be patient with me.

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    I'm 34, and not good at this either! But if you check this post you'll find many good tips! There is a guide to how you can make your sigs & where you can host them.
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    Doesitus workitus?
    Blessed is the man who sells his soul to the devil and the cheque bounces...

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    Originally posted by Notts Raider

    I can get the image to work but it wont appear in my sig, whats up?
    I'm having the same problem.

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    Big Grin

    Originally posted by VMan
    I'm having the same problem.
    Since your sig picture is too big, I guess you deserve it.

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    Resized, but yet still the same problem. And in advance, the .jpg.txt extension doesn't make a difference from the .jpg extensin.

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    Well, you have to fill the checkbox where it says: Show Signature: include your profile signature. Only registered users may have signatures. I did that in your last post and it turns the signature on.

    But your sig still says .jpg so Geocities won't like that.

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    Oh, I didn't know it was a box I had to check. Thanks.

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    How do you make a sig clickable??? Thanks!!! Sorry new to Sig thing!!!

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