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    Need Help

    Hello, i bought the compound bow when i was lvl 8 for the ''Scout'' because i thought when i am lvl 10 im gonna unlock the scout and i can use that bow right away. but, when i unlocked the Scout i recieved another Compound Bow. is there anyway i can sell my old one ? because this was just a waste of gold. :/

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    At present there isn't a trading/selling system in Nosgoth, personally I'm hoping there will be at some point!

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    You could always hold onto it for forging later if you want different affixes for different styles of play. IIRC you also only get weapons/special abilities from the promotion rewards so spending gold on those might prove to be a waste if you get a random uncanny/arcane one from the pack. Unless you're really just itching to try a different weapon from the default loadout.