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Thread: What is your favorite Tomb Raider game? Once and for all.

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    With AoD now having been out for more than a month now, I wonder if CS&P is going to make a new poll including AoD.....

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    I will make one that includes AOD.

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    I don't need to think it over, tr III it's far away my favourite!!! specially the psx one, oh the atmosphere... dark, misterious and difficult, at least for me, London it's just amazing! thank you eidos and core

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    Originally posted by Rinoa Heartilly
    Well i loved TR5 and TRLR!! I never played TR3 so i can't say nothing :P
    what? you haven't played tr III yet? then darling you haven't played tr at all!

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    Originally posted by Abyss Darkness
    In order.

    1st: TR1
    2nd: TR2
    3rd: TLR
    4th: TR3
    5th: TRC

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    Cool Oh, but of course. ;)

    Well, that was fun, see you all in the new season of What is your favorite Tomb Raider game?
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