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Fixes include:

1. Corrects a save/load problem some people have experienced.

2. DX8.1 (WinXP) slow down on NON TnL gfx cards.

3. Network synching problems (including going into guns/cameras).

4. Voodoo 3 issues.

5. Corrects a problem accessing completed levels from SELECT LEVEL menu option.

6. Network clients staying on black screen after loading.

7. Network clients not in sync when Eden is loading from a saved game in a not joinable after start server.

8. Network exception crash when cutscene before Skytran level plays.

9. GameSpy clients not finding session.

10. Network start from saved game.

11. Network deathmatch score going strange.

12. Minor save game bugs.

*To install the patch doubleclick on the file (ProjectEdenPatch.EXE) and follow the on-sceen prompts. The patch .EXE will automatically be copied to where the game is installed on your hard drive.*