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Commandos 2: Men of Courage FAQ - Please read before posting

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    Hiyas all and welcome to the new and improved forums.Before you post a new topic, first take a look @ the FAQ that way you avoid asking questions which are answered about hundreds time, like how to ride the elephant.

    If you have trouble with your computer crashing to desktop you can try to install the patch which fixes the problem, it also fixes not getting a medal after completing mission 8. If C2 is going to fast on your computer than installing the patch will help you out too. Otherwise you can install the following little program

    As you can see the forum has a new style and looks very good.
    It's also has loads of new functions which are for you to find out One of them is to post a poll, that way you can get others to vote for what they think is the best. Like which character they think is the best, what you think of the newest screenshots etc. Keep in mind that polls can also be edited! And also, for those who want, you can put Show user's signatures in their posts? on no in your profile

    C2 for Win2k & WinXP originally posted by Anubis
    Note for operation using Windows 2000/XP and emulators
    Windows 2000 is not a supported operating system for Commandos 2: Men of Courage. Windows 2000 users will require the relative rights to be able to install/run Commandos 2 correctly. Please alter your system privileges or see your System Administrator.
    Note that if you are unable to play Commandos 2 under Windows 2000 after installation, our only suggestion is that you try updating the drivers for your Display and Sound cards to whatever are the current "Windows 2000/DirectX 8" compatible versions. Check the web sites of the manufacturer of your Display and/or Sound card, to ensure that you have the current versions of those drivers installed. Beyond that we cannot not provide any additional support.

    Windows XP:
    Although Commandos 2: Men of Courage has been found to work on Windows XP, it has not been thoroughly tested and thus Windows XP is not a supported operating system.

    Running Commandos 2 under a Windows emulator of any type is not supported.

    Commandos 2: Men of Courage Manual Addendum

    The items listed on these pages describe things in the manual that were changed
    or inaccurate in the final manual for Commandos 2: Men of Courage.



    The listing for controlling the game and characters in the game are not
    accurate. The correct keyboard controls are listed in the readme.rtf
    file found in the game’s install directory.
    Save Game menu:

    If you have more than ten saves, you may view and/or select them by using the
    arrow keys on the keyboard. There is no other way to scroll through your saved


    Using the Main Gun of a Tank:

    To use the main gun of a tank you must have the Sapper in the vehicle with the
    Driver. While the Driver can move the vehicle on his own, only the Sapper can
    fire the weapon.
    The Green Beret:

    Not covered in the manual is the fact that the Green Beret can bust down locked
    doors. To have him break through a locked door, position him a few paces back
    from the door and then double-click on the door and he will smash through.
    The Sapper:

    The manual says that due to weight and nature of explosives the Sapper cannot
    enter the water. This is incorrect; all characters may enter the water at
    Locating the Enemy and Interactive Elements:

    The manual says that using the F10 key will highlight doors and items that can
    be interacted with in RED. In reality the doors, ladders, and other points of
    access/egress are highlighted in ORANGE and useable items such as switches,
    boxes, etc. are highlighted in YELLOW.


    White Death mission:

    When you free the Sapper in this mission, you will see a “twin” Sapper appears
    after the cut scene that you cannot select and follows the Sapper. Your best
    course of action is to kill this doppelganger, as it will not effect your
    completion of the goals of the mission.
    Saving Private Smith mission:

    During the playing of Commandos 2: Men of Courage you can collect special game
    pieces or “secrets”. If you find all of these secrets you are normally given a
    “bonus” mission. The mission named “Saving Private Smith” is the exception to
    this game element. Instead of having a completely new mission, you will have to
    fight it out will a mass of German enemy and thus this IS the bonus mission.

    Bridge Over River Kwai mission: Driving the Elephant
    Only the Thief can get on the elephant and "drive" it across the river. To drive the Elephant you must use the Arrow Keys on your keyboard.

    Inventory Descriptions:

    Several of the items you will find will not have a description attached so that it
    may be viewed in inventory. Here is a list of those items.
    Diver - Harpoon Gun. Hotkey "L", this item gives a "one shot" kill to any enemy underwater. There's an unlimited supply of ammo, but this can only be used underwater, has a short range, and it takes time to reload.
    Diver - Grappling Hook. Hotkey "S", this can be used to throw up to a rooftop to climb up, or you can drop the line from the rooftop if you're already there to allow your other commandos to come up. Once done with, you can pick it up and use again.
    Driver - Shovel/Pit Trap. Hotkey "A", find a suitable area to dig a hole. If an enemy unit walks over this trap (or is enticed to), he will disappear into the hole, which will immediately filling leaving no trace of the enemy or itself. Note, however, that any items that they are carrying will not be available anymore, so don't trap someone who's carrying essential items (like keys). The smaller number within this item will tell you how many "traps" you currently have available.
    Driver - Bear Trap/Foot Trap (trip wire). Hotkey "P", place this item on the ground and entice an enemy unit to walk over it... instant death for the enemy. You can then pick up the trap and use again. One thing that isn't noted is that if the foot trap (trip wire) trap is set up, the Sapper can attach a Remote Control Bomb to it (shift-click on the trap with Sapper selected and bomb in his inventory... icon will be apparent) so that, instead of just knocking one person out, it can blow up a platoon of soldiers.
    Spy - Poison Syringe. Hotkey "A", use this to "quietly" dispatch enemy units. One dose makes them woozy for a few seconds, two doses knocks them out. A third dose will kill.
    Spy - Poison Doses. A canister with skull and crossbones, this is your refills. Although it lists 1/10 items, there are three, not one, doses in each canister (in other words, never collect more than 6 at a time as seven would be 21 doses*3=21), and since the spy can only put 20 doses in a syringe, your 7/10 would never become available).
    Sapper - Explosives with Timer. Hotkey "Y", placing this item on the ground automatically starts the timer. You can pick it up again before detonation to deactivate it. The timer has 20 seconds, NOT 30 seconds, as is listed in the manual.
    Miscellaneous Items:
    Dog Whistle - Hotkey "H". Blowing this whistle will make Whiskey come running to you. At this point, this Commando is now the one "in charge" of Whiskey (determines where the dog can travel in relation to "owner"). Of course, Whiskey cannot travel up ladders and whatnot (remember, he's a dog), so if he doesn't come, it's because he physically cannot.
    Enigma Machine and Cogs - Items that are to be collected in the first few missions. The Enigma machine looks like a brown typewriter, and the cogs looks like, well, guess...
    Security Papers - must be combined in the same inventory as the Enigma Machine in order to complete objectives.
    Sleeping Pills (Narcotics) - White bottle with pills - You can combine this item with wine or dog bait (see below) to render the recipient unconscious until another enemy unit spots them. You cannot use the last pill, however.
    Dog Bait (steak) - a slab o' meat - distracts the dog while he eats it... knocks him out indefinitely (unlike the guards, no one will wake the dog) with sleeping pills.
    Fish Bait - Hotkey "E". Looks like a chunk of fish. In levels in which you swim underwater, if there are schools of small fish, select the fish bait and click on the school... they will come rushing to you for a few seconds and will conceal your position while they are there... enemy units and larger animals (sharks and crocodiles) will not see you and you can sneak past (or up to) them.

    Hot Keys originally posted by Anubis
    Action/Selection Hot Key

    Green Beret 1
    Sniper 2
    Diver 3
    Sapper 4
    Driver 5
    Spy 6
    Natasha 7
    Thief 8
    Whiskey 9
    Wilson 9
    Deselect all 0
    Select various characters Number and Ctrl

    Sniper Rifle A
    Grenade A
    Syringe A
    Spike A
    Shovel A
    Knife A
    Binoculars B
    Swimming (Submerge) B
    Swimming (Surface) B
    First-aid kit C
    Officer uniform D
    Divers suit D
    Snow clothes D
    Natasha’s dress D
    Wire Trap D
    Mine Detector D
    Stick to the enemy D
    Rope ladder E
    Order to go E
    Fish Food E
    Rifle F
    Pistol G
    Whistle H
    Release Whiskey H
    Wire Cutters I
    Take off uniform J
    Zodiak K
    Bazooka K
    Smoke Grenade K
    Harpoon gun L
    Blow Torch L
    Sheet L
    Sub Machine gun M
    Sleeping pills N
    Mines O
    Poison Grenade O
    Hit with bottle P
    Trap P
    Anti-tank mine P
    Hit Q
    Look above water Q
    Look below water Q
    Decoy R
    Remote Bomb S
    Lockpicks S
    Lipstick S
    Give orders S
    Molotov cocktail S
    Grappling hook S
    Bury Yourself S
    Cigarettes T
    Put on uniform U
    Tinned food V
    Examine W
    Attack mode X
    Exit from X
    Time Bomb Y
    Order to look Z
    Flame-thrower Z

    Reveal and Hide control panel ` or ~
    Enemy view Tab
    Stand up and Crawl Space

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