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Thread: Will we ever return to Ivalice?

Will we ever return to Ivalice?

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    Final Fantasy Tactics 2 !! One of your most successful games why not!

    I would really enjoy another edition of this game with the new graphics and what you could add to this game.
    Have like 30 to 50 different classes and upgrade ability to all , new weapons and gear per class . This game would be huge and you could make
    this game pretty long also similiar to disgea length. People would line up to buy this game. Like start out archer,bowmaster,headhunter,sniper then last like oneshot class. You can add new classes like guns, throwing weapon class like raging beserker. Bomb class list is endless talk about
    add content could be its own franchise.. C,mon square just do it!

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    It would be interesting to get an actual statement from Square on whether they're open or not to ideas for another Tactics game (or to revamping it for PC for that matter.) There's so many fans of this game out there - I've never seen anyone absolutely hate this game (unless they don't like RPG/RTS style to begin with). You can go anywhere online and see articles from various people saying why this game is awesome. I loved what you guys did with War of the Lions as you filled in a -lot- of the gaps in the story with the extra scenes (ie: how Wiegraf joined the shrine knights) and battles (ie: when you could play as Delita protecting Ovelia or when you fight Algus at Limberry).

    The biggest thing for me was the multiplayer addition though. Teaming up with friends to take on enemies is probably one of the greatest things you could have done to this game. The game itself is great (especially with the addition of the Dark Knight -- though would like to see better animations for the abilities) and then adding in the ability to enjoy it with friends just blew it out of the park, figuratively.

    In essence all I'm trying to say is - We want more FFT, there's plenty of a fan base to support it, what's stopping you guys from producing it? Make a kickstarter if you need to! You've got my support!

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