Thread: Will we ever return to Ivalice?

Will we ever return to Ivalice?

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    Originally Posted by Lumina

    Me too I loved the monster hunts in FFxii ,I would like to use the monsters which I hunted…like in ffxiii-2 and send them to obtain items like in ffx-2 (chocobos)

    Yea... like FFTA's monster hunting, but you can bring the monsters in your party instead of having a nu mou morph into them...

    you clan should have a headquarters where you can interact with its members and visit a zoo where all your monsters are kept.

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    An online mode will be cool, so we can challenge online players with our monsters after leveling them, and exchange monsters with them.
    Am I going too far with this? XD

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    Originally Posted by Lumina
    An online mode will be cool, so we can challenge online players with our monsters after leveling them, and exchange monsters with them. Am I going too far with this? XD
    No, thats not to far at all. To be honest, I want an mmo set in Ivalice. FF12 wouldn't quite work... controlling three characters in real time with that many abilities would be frustrating (you can't have pause and play in an mmo). However, a class system like tactics places restraints on players, so that each class has only one sublist of abilities for their current class and another for a class they have previously used. This cuts down on the number of actions they can take, and in an mmo setting, movement can be done with WASD while controls are selected with the mouse, which is easier to manage than two analog sticks and a d-pad combined.

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    Interesting... Ivalice is big enough to welcome a MMO game ,and it has already many cool races which is an important element in a good MMO.. Maybe this game would have done better than ffxiv

    We came up with the basics ideas for the next square enix MMO ,so our names should be in the credits lol

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    Special Thanks to:

    Jalian and Hala, for being awesome Square-Enix Members!

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    amazing my name is in a FINAL FANTASY game

    End celebration……

    Back to reality…that’s not going to happen


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    Well, in all honesty. I want one thing and only one thing about an Ivalice Alliance sequel...

    If its a tactics game, keep the hell away from the judge rules UNLESS I'm in a one on one duel that would make the rules understandbale.

    If its a traditional Final Fnatasy game, monster hunting from XII is a good thing to add, and maybe throw in some unique events that happen if you follow a very tiny clue (For example, the storyline in FFT where you meet Cloud, Reis, and Construct 8).

    Even if its just DLC, throwing that in as a call back to the original would be absolutely amazing.

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    Originally Posted by Jackstin

    I always imagined a Tactics (peefect for Vita) where instead of moving around a chessboard, you could move around freely within a dome before selecting your attack. Different jobs would have different size and shape domes (a dragoon for example might have a taller dome, allowng them to jump to higher ground). Your attack range would have a dome as well.

    I think it'd be a slightly more streamlined, less menu focused, twist on the traditional strategy RPG formula.

    So Final Fantasy: Tacttics but with a Warhammer feel? I think that is the most badass thing we need right now, maybe not a console game but a variant of warhammer with tactics classes/monsters as units.

    We would have an unlimited amount of creative thinking for scenarios and it would be something that could draw Warhammer fans into Final Fantasy's lore (if they weren't fans already) and get more Final Fantasy fans into playing tabletop games (once again, if they weren't already fans).

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    Cleaver use of the Vagrant Story logo...

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    Final Fantasy Tactics: 50 Year War. Would be interesting. Keep the Tactics style of it, add some SaGa Frontier 2 narrative to it. Could be a very good game.

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    The guy who made Tactics, Vagrant Stories, etc. now works for Level 5. So don't expect any more of this

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    Count me in. With or without races I'm playing. The three of them are really great games. FFT is more serious and have a dense plot, one of the best from SE, but Adv. and Adv. 2 are really enjoyable. And doing everything in GotR was insane, took me more than a hundred hours. I would love something on Vita/3DS, since I don't think they will ever go back to home consoles.

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    Any hope we will ever see a true FFT2

    I was thinking on this today as I enjoied another lunch break at work playing FFT on my Iphone. I think its about time you guys give us a real meaty sequal to that great game. A sequal with the same care and respect you have given FFDimensions, another life eater of a game.

    This would be a great game, and even though FFT was great there were always things I think could have been done better, like the Archer class for one. A sequal would give us the chance to take a great game, distill out the few impurities, and some new stuff, and just blow our minds.

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    FFT (specifically the advance version) is one of the main reasons why every time I play a rpg that invovles different classes. I'm like "really you only give me between 3 to 5 to choose from?" If they do make another one I doubt it will be on a console. 3ds and vita here we come?!

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    I thought the FFT remake for PSP (and I believe it is the one ported for the iOS) did fix some things, and added some new content.

    When you mention the Archer class, which part exactly do you believe could be tweaked? I kind of thought the charge time could be shortened myself, and I wished there were stronger cross-bows available so I could equip a shield too >.<

    Also, when you say sequel, do you mean story-wise, or just in general another game on the same level of FFT? 'Cause there's room in the Ivalice Alliance timeline for a direct "War of the Lions" sequel, but what the story could actually be about leaves me wondering. FFT ended pretty conclusively. Hrmm...

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    I feel the very same way.
    I want so much FFT 2

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    Truth, or Vagrant Story... But please, please, pretty please no more of the FFT:A series..

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    FF Tactics 2 would be most welcome! WIth Tactics Ogre it is one of my all time favorite tactic rpg.
    I was a bit disappointed by FFTA and FFTA2, the story was just not as deep and the hero...

    A Vagrant Story sequel would be awesome or at least a remake with the complete story ( i heard that originally the PS1 game was supposed to be longer than the released version)

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    What do you guys think? I guess it is always possible, but with the lack of.. news and releases for Final Fantasy from Square-Enix lately, I have my doubts.

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    nope error this is impossible duh

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    um.. thanks for the reply?

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    ur wellcome

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    I'd love more Ivalice games, but I wonder where the hypothetical next title would fit in the timeline.

    On one hand, I'd love a sequel to FFT, but I'm not sure how much of a story they can create due to the events of that game, you know? I've read some desire to a see a prequel game to FFT, but I'm not sure what to expect in regards to the mythology. It would probably be a more politically story driven game (like FFXII) about the War of the Lions and what not. Or heck, how about something even further in past about St. Ajora and Lucavi. That would be something! xD

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    i agree with this its just not possible

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    I could see multiple storylines being told about different people in different eras of the game... and there is, I think, more to Ivalice than we have seen. New countries and continents that could be used to tell new stories.

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