Welcome to the brand new Clans/Groups/Warbands forum! This subforum can be used to recruit new members for your clan, organise matches, give out information about clans/groups, etc. If you are looking to party up with other players for some competitive Nosgoth action, or set up an ESL team, you've come to the right place!

A bit of house-keeping:
- Don't spam! - Keep things tidy, please don't create multiple threads about your warband/clan.
- Don't hi-jack! - Don't hi-jack other clans' threads for your own use!
- Be informative - Provide information and be active! If you are starting a new clan, try to give players some detail on your clan, and keep active and replying when people express an interest. If you are looking for members in a specific region, make sure you list that, for instance.
- No abuse - It's a general forum rule, but as things can get heated in a competitive environment, it's worth highlighting.