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Thread: Is there anyone still playing Multiplayer Mode on TR (2013)?

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    Is there anyone still playing Multiplayer Mode on TR (2013)?

    Hi. So today I bought TR on Steam as it was quite cheap thanks to a Pay-off of Three Days. As it was so cheap, I couldn't avoid but buying it, although I had already played and completed it on a Friend's house. So I bought the game just because I wanted to enjoy the Multiplayer Experience, and then I find that even on "Quick Match" there's absolutely no game aviable. So I'd like to ask if TR's Multiplayer is Cross-Platform, as I have a Mac unlike most other Gamers (I have it because my job is related with the Audiovisual business).

    If not, I'll keep it, as I wanna re-play the story mode someday... But it'd be a little money wasted as I bought the GOTY version, with lots of maps and things specifically for the MP mode.

    Thanks 4 your replies. And sorry for my poor level of English, I'm Spanish.

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    There are people who play it on xbox one version, not sure about PC. I am sure there are though. You just need to search the actual game modes.

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