Thread: DragonQuest For Steam With Full Controller Support ^^

DragonQuest For Steam With Full Controller Support ^^

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    Cool DragonQuest For Steam With Full Controller Support ^^

    Hi Square Could You All Bring Dragon Quest 7/ Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King/Dragon Quest IX

    to Steam Please Steam Has To Many FF Games For Now use some dragon quest seasoning to even then score.

    Or if square enix love ff on steam then fix and Improve a Steam Version Of Final Fantasy XII/ Final Fantasy IX

    If such a thing can even be done these two are powerful as hell to remake for steam be safe.

    Hey SECRET of MANA and Chrono Cross you should come to steam also im tired of boring steam games wasting people time and money . At least that wont happen with square enix games i hope. LOL as long as they dont over do it on the price for old hot games
    like these.

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    I completely agree!!!

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    I would pay anything for excellent ports of Dragon Quest games to PC.

    Please join the Steam Group for Dragon Quest games:

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    DQ 8 and Secret of Mana should be released on PC especially since there is already an Android version of them, and Square Enix seems to like to port those Android releases to PC (FF 3, FF 4, FF 4 TAY). DQ 7 also has an Android release but it wasn't localized (maybe some time in the future they'll use the 3DS translation). For FF 12, like FF 10 I believe it is only a matter of time before it is released on PC, since there is a new version coming to PS4. Chrono Cross could get the same treatment FF 9 got recently if Square Enix still cares about it.