Probably we are a little too late to do this meetup, but I have some friends that after the Nintendo Events we were always talking about doing session to play, and tag each other.

So now we are organizing a meet up for those who didn't have the chance to get those tag for DQIX, and DQMJ2. Please this can't be done if we don't get more support from the DQ fans.

So here is the information for those who are interesting in joining us.

Where - Sci-fi City

Direction - 6006 East Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 32807

When - October, 20 (Saturday)

Time- 3-6pm

Now you will have the time to do whatever you need to do, whether you need to synth more monster in DQMJ2, or get the incarnus, captain crow, etc. Also, I know some of the people who are going have good maps for the grottos in DQIX.

So don't missed this opportunity and do everything possible to be there on that day.

I will soon post or edit this information with a video that my friend LordRoto is making to announce this.

Thank you!!!

Please let us now below if you are going or need more information.