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Giving the Heroes Personalities

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    As I'm sure we're all aware, the four protagonists of Final Fantasy I have no defined personalities, names or even classes; in the beginning, the player enters their names, assigns them each a class, and then guides the four mute heroes on their journey to light the crystals and break Garland's time loop.

    But have any of you ever given these silent heroes personalities of their own in your head? I'm not talking about just giving their roles to existing heroes; i.e., naming a Warrior Cloud or a White Mage Rosa. I mean taking these characters, who've been given their own distinct names, and making up personalities, backstories and relationship dynamics for them. Whether these personalities and dynamics are serious, humorous or anywhere in between, it certainly makes for a much more interesting playthrough.

    In my last playthrough, for example, the troupe was led by the confident and spontaneous Monk Walter, who would take the party down seemingly-random paths, always assuring them that he knew what he was doing, although in reality he had no idea. He was the one to deal the finishing blow against Chaos; a neck-breaking, magically-charged piledriver into crumbling edge of the Shrine floor.

    Second in line was Brian, the pensive, stoic Warrior. Although he would rarely start interactions with the other members of the party, when he did it was usually to get them out of whatever mess Walter had gotten the team into, with surprising success. He ended up wielding the Ultima Weapon, which, charged with his immense stamina, cleaving even the toughest baddies apart in a single blow.

    Next was Ashley, a sceptical, self-conscious Red Mage who hid the fact that she was a girl for about the first half of the adventure for fear of the population not accepting a girl hero. As the only one capable of using white magic with any sort of proficiancy, she was the main healer of the group, although her swordsmanship and black magic skills came in handy as well. She was declared by Walter to be the best dresser of the team.

    Completing the four Warriors of Light was Kiki, a playful, mischievous Black Mage kitty (the result of some wizard experimenting on a cat, perhaps) whose bold, blunt mannerisms both caused and solved a number of problems as the adventure took its course. Later on, she particularly enjoyed the spell Flare, and used it to nuke everything the group encountered all the way back to the airship after purchasing the spell in Lufenia; as such, obviously she was delighted when the group found the Judgement Staff in Atomos' remains, and she laid claim to it and kept it with her for the rest of the adventure.

    So, have any of you given personalities to these heroes? If so, how did it affect your experience with the game?
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    Maybe they will be given deeper personalities in this book?

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    It's possible that they will, but frankly I hope they aren't. Final Fantasy I's Warriors of Light are distinct amidst the many Final Fantasy heroes in that they're your heroes. Hm... I guess I'll make a bit of a weird analogy here, so please bear with me.

    Imagine that you're a little kid who's going to a friend's house to play. This friend has lots of toys, but he'll only let you bring maybe one of two of your own toys to his house.

    Now imagine that you're going to a different friend's house. She doesn't have quite as many toys herself, but she'll let you bring a whole box of your own to play with.

    If you don't have very many of your own toys to bring, or if you'd just rather play with someone else's, you'd probably prefer the first friend's house. However, if you have lots of your own toys to bring and that you like to play with, you'll likely prefer the second friend's house.

    Perhaps this doesn't make sense, but imagine that most Final Fantasies are the first friend, whereas Final Fantasy I and (Famicom/NES) III are the second friend. A big part of the fun of Final Fantasy I (for me, at least) is getting to send my own heroes through Square's journey, rather than simply controlling their characters.

    At times I wish people were more open to seeing unexplained elements of game stories as blanks for you to fill in yourself rather than simply awaiting the developers' own explanations. I suppose in such an instance, for example, the FFI heroes being given personalities, I would respond with, "Well, those are your Warriors of Light".

    Man, I hope that made sense. I come up with such weird explanations for things.

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    If I had a better imagination, I probably would have ended up with my characters having personalities similar to the ones exhibited here: