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Wandering Gambler Achievement

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    Wandering Gambler Achievement

    I despise luck based trophies/achievements

    This achievement is flawed as the description states - You matched all the symbols on Setzer's slots

    7-7-7 - Joker's Death #1 (done)
    Bahumut-Bahamut-Bahamut- Mega Flare (done)
    BAR-BAR-BAR - Summon Random Esper (done)
    Airship-Airship-Airship - Dive Bomb (done)
    Chocobo-Chocobo-Chocobo - Chocobo Stampede (done)
    Crystal-Crystal-Crystal - Prismatic Flash (done)

    Any combination - Mysidian Rabbit - Not a match (done)
    7-7-BAR - Joker's Death #2 - Not a match (?)

    7-7-Bar is the only one that I haven't managed to get despite getting the first 7-7- to appear 100's of times, and I'm assuming that if I do then it will pop the achievement.

    But my point stands - this isn't a 'match all symbols' and it contradicts the achievement description, and this is the only one where pure luck is required.

    If 7-7-Bar isn't a requirement for the achievement then the achievement is bugged.
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