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Thread: Max second vision Chloe put her hand on Max shoulder

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    Max second vision Chloe put her hand on Max shoulder

    I am not quite sure where I should open a new thread for it 'cause it happens in the end of ep. 1 so sorry if I were wrong.

    But anyway here we go with something I found out or something it gave me goosebumbs, since I don't know if the vision predict the future of the storm what is coming or so.

    Did someone found it out too but didn't think it is something to speak about it?

    looks like Chloe is wearing her jacket with a white shirt, like Chloe looked before she died. And after that touch
    the vision ends and shows the real world (present)

    It's this picture, so what could it mean that, if Chloe is really dead and won't be resurrected or saved by Max, will she show her the path or even show "you did everything you could do, but you can't save everything and everyone" like a spirit
    I know it's strange but ... I need help with that.

    Maybe she is alive and bla bla I don't find more words to say so you could help me see straight or even the light of it also cna be just a wish thinking.
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    You weren't the first to point this out and ever since I learned of it I couldn't NOT see it every time I played the episode. We fellow players have no definitive answers but let me offer you this observation of mine. They knew from the beginning where they were taking this story from the beginning. Even if they didn't have all the details figured out, they knew their larger plot points including Chloe's death at the end of Episode 4. That shot you posted was deliberate, a hint or sign of what's to come but it is just a glance. We won't know the full meaning or context of this until we play the episode.

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    Oh okay I didn't know this was already talked out . 'Cause after I have seen this in the cutscene I just made a screenshot of it and tried to figure it out and also tried to explain it for myself, after that I checked out google but wasn't successful. Anyway.

    You are right about the plot points but I just can't stop thinking about that. I got so many question marks over my head it's unbelievable. I am very excited if this has an impact in episode 5 (hope so) and IF I get something like this in episode 5
    "you did everything you could do ... " with the full scene, I definitely will get a heartattack!
    as you already said only episode 5 will may explain it, damn I can't wait till 20th october.

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    Or it was just Chloe waking Max from her black out. ^ ^

    "The best solution of the problem is usually the easiest one."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tataboj View Post
    Or it was just Chloe waking Max from her black out. ^ ^
    Even with a different outfit? ;_;
    Of course you could be right by saying this but I guess, I'm the only one who get goosebumbs everytime
    I watch this scene. Damned I want conclusion now .

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