Thread: Looking for clan (EU)

Looking for clan (EU)

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    Looking for clan (EU)

    Hi, Im looking for people to play the upcoming leagues with.
    Im tired of leavers and people that don't have respect for the game.

    I think im lvl40 right now.

    I play reaver/tyrant and maybe a little sentinel.
    On the Human side hunter/prophet/scout/alchemist, I like to switch up depending on match ups and how the game is going.

    I got BloodII last league, this one im on GoldIII. So please if you are in the same level or better and you are interested in partying add me on steam

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    Hey there!
    If your 16+ I recommend joining a community called the Chaos Vanguard.
    Our Nosgoth section is brand new and want to expand!
    Essentially the Chaos Vanguard (CV) is a multi-gaming community that aims to provide a fun and safe environment for players. We have a lot of people from all different games to play with such as LoL, Hots,Smite and Dota and many more.
    Thanks Orthac
    You can find us at:
    Website: Forums: TeamSpeak: