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Thread: Dr Who Reference

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    Dr Who Reference

    Hi there, I've just finished episode 4 and I liked the Dr Who reference on Kate's get well card from the hospital.

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    I am a Firefly fan and I especially love the Firefly reference (love me some Captain Tightpants lol) on the wall of the bathroom stall in The Two Whales!

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    I also love the X-files references! (Warren's license plate, Trust No One is also posted in various places) Trust No One seems like a great motto for this game! Game creators definitely have great taste in TV shows!

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    How'd I miss that ?!?

    I at least spotted Warren's TARDIS avatar in his email to Max in episode 1 or 2. (I tried to make my avatar here as close to it as possible. We know Warren is a total Whovian, one of the reasons why he's one of my favorite characters.
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