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Thread: My thoughts.. Life is Strange

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    My thoughts.. Life is Strange

    First of all, english isnt my First language so im sorry if something is horribly writen.
    I've played so many games in my gamer life, i personally enjoy the story of a game way better than the other aspects.
    It has always been hard for me to choose a favorite game, i mean, theres so many choices, but i can say now that without a doubt this has become my favorite game. I know some people would disagree with me in the next thing im going to say, but i just dont understand why is even in doubt to have a second season with the same characters i mean the game has so many potential to keep going. I have no doubt that with diferent characters would still be a incredible game but, i dont know i just dont see the need, i mean, you can tell that everybody is so in love with the characters and the story, and as i said it have potential to continue, it feels like such a waste. Just a personal opinion though. I really loved that even if its for just a couple of hours every 2 months i can get lost into this amazing game. Thanks Dontnod Entertainment and square enix for this. I cant believe is only 1 episode away of ending this season.

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    It's hard to talk about having a second season with the same characters because we don't know what their ultimate fates will be. Two of the major cast have had determinate deaths so far and we don't know what will become of Max, Chloe or the rest of Arcadia Bay. For instance, if Max has the potential to die in Episode 5, then chances are Dontnod will not use her as the protagonist for Season 2, in order to make your choices carry over and matter. Any character that could die will not play any significant role moving forward and will probably be little more than cameo appearances.

    At the end of the day though, it depends on what kind of story Dontnod want to tell and what makes sense for the world and the characters, especially in terms of continuity.

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    The exciting thing is, is that Dontnod know how to tell a good story. Remember Me and Life Is Strange both have good characters and story ideas. I am glad that a new season will have new people and a new story that will totally suck us in. Sometimes less is more.

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