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MMR depends

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    MMR depends

    Hi guys.
    Can anybody answer from what exactly does mmr depends ?
    Is that percentage of win / loose, or just hours played?
    Or mb there is other stats counting?

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    It's sad that it depends on hours played either. The reason I was wondering is that I am i simple player, defenitly not the good one. But I'm playing Nosgth since closed beta start and have a lot of hours played. So mmr places me in lobby (considering my mmr is high) with newers who playing even worse then me. Or places the other side high mmr players, who get it not bcz they playing much, but bcz they are really good. So mostly all matches for me is a torture. I hoped that mmr is depends on percentage of wins / looses, so I could decrease it and play with guys equal to my bad playing, but it seems, it's impossible :P
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    Nope, it doesn't depend on played hours. "How long you were in the match" means that if you joined match in the last couple of minutes, posssible income is less contributed by you personally, so you get less MMR gain/loss.

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    So, If I'll decrease my win rate , I can actually be placed with normal players?