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August Meta Snap Shot

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    August Meta Snap Shot

    Current Meta as of 8/24/2015

    In order to add some more constructive threads to these forums I believe a Meta snapshot can provide a ton of information to players and to Psyonix. Let’s do our best to keep everything constructive.

    A meta is a current snapshot of things that are being used. This doesn't indicate they are the best things to use or indicate other things aren't good, these are merely what is currently in use more often.

    For the classes I am going to place them in order from most used to least used. However because there are so many used it’s important to understand the difference between rank 1 and rank 3 could be very small.


    Tyrant: There was balancing done to the tyrant but nothing to really affect his play a lot. Tyrants are still on almost every single team, the damage they provide is irreplaceable. Charge has seen an increase in play since you can no longer strafe during charge and marathon.
    Top Build: Charge, Shockwave, Enrage

    Deceiver: Deceivers have seen an increase in play because of the decrease of reaver play. Many more teams are running 1 or more Deceivers to cause chaos and counter the scouts. The main abilities for reaver remain the same, the other options tend not to be used, except shroud which is used in pugs but not normally in organized team play.
    Top Build: Disguise, Infect, Illusions

    Sentinel: Sentinel has always been in a good place, with Sonic Screech being added (or Changed) there are two great abilities being used very often. Puncture and Abduct are still the top and almost exclusive options for the other two abilities.
    Top Build: Abduct, Puncture, Sonic Screech

    Reaver: Reaver has seen a steep decline in play since the Shadow bomb changes. Many players agree that Shadow Bomb is too easy to see through, and doesn’t provide enough disruption to merit the use anymore. While Choking Haze has seen an increase in play it’s still not very reliable. Shadow Step and Kick are still the Reavers bread and better.
    Top Build: Sweeping Kick, Choking Haze, Shadow Step

    Summoner: Summoner is still not seen a lot in organized play. This is due to lack of mobility and the melee’s seem to miss more than they should. However the Summoner's ability to create chaos on the battlefield is amazing, but summoners have a low health pool so they can’t stay in a fight very long. Hopefully with some more abilities being added in the future we will see her more often.
    Top Build: Abyssal Bolt, Stalkers, Abyssal Barrier


    Hunter: Still the most popular human race to play, it’s hard to beat the amount of shots a hunter can put into a vampire not to mention great abilities to make it one of the toughest humans to take out. Poison Bola and Explosive shots are still the popular choices, but blinding shot and normal bola have been seeing more play depending on the situation.
    Top Build: Repeater, Poison Bola, Explosive Shot

    Scout: Still a bread and better on almost every human team. The damage a scout puts out can’t be replaced by any other class, not to mention give a scout a warbow and it’s effective CC for a match is amazing. While the scout is a sniper, a swift bow allows them to play just fine anywhere. Along with great weapons knives provide an amazing stagger which will normally save the scouts life or allow him to finish off the the vampire, and volley is the best human AOE out there, providing insane cover for the human team. Scouts rely on their team to be successful though, so it’s important to know a good scout isn’t possible without a team.
    Top Build: Swift Bow, Knives, Volley

    Prophet: With Hunters getting a small tweaking prophets have seen an increased in play in organized matches, They are able to provide great CC by using Hex, and life leech allows them to survive most 1v1 encounters against vampires. With Scouts being on almost every team many prophets have opted to get Eldritch guard to put on the scout when he comes under fire, or so he can sit in his own volley.
    Top Build: Heavy Pistols, Hex, Life Leech

    Alchemist: Alchemist have seen more play in organized play with the rise of the deceivers, it has great abilities to deal with the illusions using either it’s cannon, firewall or a lightbomb if there is no other option. If they hear the deceiver soon enough they can place a defensive firewall to prevent an infect and ruin a vampire engage. Poison Mist and Sunlight Vial are used fairly often in normal matches but have yet to see a large amount of organized play.
    Top Build: Hand Cannon, Firewall, Lightbomb

    Vanguard: Vanguard only sees organized play when teams are goofing off. Currently the Vanguard has very little to offer a team that another class can’t provide better. While the vanguard damage is great it lacks the range to be able to chip vampires which is very important to humans. Shield Bash and Shield Charge are great CC’s but normally come too late, as vampires can easily avoid the Vanguard and pick off the team. ROusing Cry provides decent healing and Decent speed boost but it doesn’t seem to be enough to turn the tides for humans.
    Top Build: Impaler Axe, Shield Back, Rousing Cry (Really Whatever you feel like)

    While these are mainly written to how they are used in competitive play, many of them carry over for normal PUG matches. Just because something is the top build doesn’t mean it’s the only one that’s viable many classes have a couple of good viable builds.

    Current Top Compositions.

    2 Tyrants, 2 Deceivers, is currently the most seen compositions, the deceivers stealth and ability to create chaos with is clones are amazing and provide just the distraction the tyrants need to come in and finish off the humans.

    2 Tyrant, Sentinel, Deceiver, is another very popular one, it plays a lot like 2 tyrants 2 deceivers but with the inclusion of more mobility from the bird, and Sonic Screech for all the scouting.

    2 Sentinels 2 Deceivers, This is meant to be an aggressive build, one bird runs screech while the other runs bomb. They create a ton of chaos and allow the deceivers to get in and out causing all sorts of chaos.

    Humans have a lot more flexibility in the compositions but these are the common ones at the moment.

    2 Scouts 1 Prophet 1 Hunter, This build is designed to have the scouts chipping away doing a lot of damage while the prophet and hunter lay down support for the scouts. Normally the prophet runs eldritch guard. One scout uses a swift or compound bow, and the other uses a war bow.

    2 hunters 1 Scout 1 Prophet, This composition allows for 3 people to play really aggressive pokes, while being able to cover the scout and have a ton of great CC to help the team out. The prophet will either choose Eldritch Guard if protecting the scout more, or Lifesteal if playing the aggressive position.

    Scout, Prophet, Hunter, Alchemist, This is not seen as much as the other builds, but with the rise of the deceiver we have been seeing more alchemist added to the mix. The Hunter and Prophet play the aggressors in this build while the alchemist stay near the scout to protect him from deceivers. It is also played with the alchemist as the aggressor, while one of the other hangs back, this build has a lot of flexibility.

    For this first Meta Snapshot it was largely done by myself (Arydious) My views can be limited or even slightly bias. I have tried to keep all personal bias out, however there is bound to be a little bit in there. As for the future of Nosgoth Meta Snapshots I would love to get a group together to analyze the meta and provide a great write up for the community.


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    Sounds right to me for the most part.

    I didnt even know they changed smoke. I was wondering why noone uses it anymore, and why I keep getting hit inside it without the human team even knowing I was in it half the team. I have been trying to get back to playing Reaver as of late, but I find myself very useless for the team. Haze and Smoke could both need a buff, if its only Cooldown reduction, imho. At the moment, a well placed smoke cannot provide good cover on its own. To be really effective, you need at least 2 - and good luck trying to coordinate that in a Pug.

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    You forgot the 2 sentinels + 2 others classes comp which is mainly used by EU teams (usually 1 tyrant + 1 deceiver, or sometimes 2 tyrants / 2 deceivers ) . Thanks to the current opness of shriek that help out whole vampire initiate part (+decrease the dps of human)

    Other than this and the charge strafe part i dont understand, i agree with your post
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    Thanks for the input Ryugan! I am not fully up to date with the EU side of this. I would love to get someone from EU, who can also help me with future meta's.

    I don't think it's worth it to do a whole separate Meta report, but it could be worth it to add in region specific Meta.

    Finally I do think 2 Sentinels is fairly popular in NA as well, I have them with deceivers but you are probably right it could be 2 bird plus anything.
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    2 Sentinel teams only work against unorganized group who can't counter it well, not because it's strong.
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    Originally Posted by cmstache
    2 Sentinel teams only work against unorganized group who can't counter it well, not because it's strong.
    Well mate, in Eu ESL it is a, for not say common, viable and kinda powerful strategy. Maybe it's just us, who live in the old world the dumb ones... who knows

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    I will say sentinels are doing really well now too, the addition of Sonic Screech has done a lot for having more than one of them in the game at a time.
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    Really wish someone from team At would make something like this .

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    Originally Posted by Maxximusblue
    Really wish someone from team At would make something like this .
    There is actually not that lot to add; you can trust this guy... no need to be an At member to do this thing well

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    You forgot the 2 sentinels + 2 others classes comp which is mainly used by EU teams
    This! Every god damn pub game...

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    Originally Posted by cmstache
    2 sentinel teams only work against unorganized group who can't counter it well, not because it's strong.
    ^ this. Although barbed talons actually is quite strong atm.

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    How to counter it ?) Don't be pathetic and don't mention warbows =)

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    Current Top Compositions.

    2 Tyrants, 2 Deceivers, is currently the most seen compositions

    2 Tyrant, Sentinel, Deceiver, is another very popular one

    2 Sentinels 2 Deceivers

    Just wondering ... If Alchemist counters top three vamp builds 75% according to this observation, why isn't she being used more ?

    Would the inclusion of a new (or augmented) Alchi ability that soft counters Senti a small bit would make her more 'useful' ?

    // for the record I still haven't played Nosgoth for a long time now. I just watch alot of YouTubes and check this forum now and again for meta changes from patch updates to understand better what I'm watching.

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    Originally Posted by Firehex
    How to counter it ?) Don't be pathetic and don't mention warbows =)
    I realize this is late, but I'll bite. Play mostly hunters and prophets for their sustained damage, plus pay attention to teammates & make good use of sound. If you hear the grab screech effect you can evade them much of the time with a well aimed roll, and by focusing on your teammates as hunter/prophet you'll notice successful grabs earlier and can manage a LOT of chip damage.

    Prophets can negate almost all grab damage by using eldritch with the broken 200% guard talent, so be sure to save it for birds. One skilled scout can also help to counter, although compound or swift is better against multiple sentinels for the lower draw times.

    Long story short: the counter is teamwork.

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    Kine Alchy is getting used more on NA now. EU has been using normally 1 in a lot of builds. It also seems more than 1 Alchy can hurt more than help.
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