Thread: Thief 5 Idea - The Reboot Concept - What I'd Like to See

Thief 5 Idea - The Reboot Concept - What I'd Like to See

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    Thief 5 Idea - The Reboot Concept - What I'd Like to See

    Hey all. A few of you older taffers that have been around forever over at TTLG may remember me. For some reason the forum requires names to be a minimum of 6 characters, so I had to add an underscore to my nick. For those who don't know me or have never heard of me, Google "Targa's House of Thief Stuff" to see a few of my creations for the old games.

    Anyway, enough with the introductions. I was recently pondering what direction the Thief series may go next, and whether it would be a hit or flop. In re-playing the latest Thief, I realized how little it really felt like the original series. The conclusion I came to is because without Keepers, Pagans, Hammerites, Viktoria, et al, it simply doesn't have the backstory and depth of the earlier games.

    Which brings me to the reason for this post. While we may (hopefully) see many future games in this series, the one I have in mind for "next on the list" is a reboot of The Metal Age. When Hollywood announced it was filming a reboot of Total Recall, I scoffed, thinking that the original was such a classic, it was a stupid idea to try to remake it and make money from it. But after watching the newer version and seeing how different it was from the original, I changed my opinion. This is exactly the sort of treatment I'd like to see The Metal Age receive.

    My idea for a reboot of TMA is simply this: Keep the original story and protagonists, but re-imagine every mission and level design so none is the same as the original. Sure, hire a writer to spice up the dialogue and do a few tweaks here and there, I'm not saying it has to be an exact copy of the original story (and it really shouldn't be). As all of us who have played Thief 2 know, the technology then was as nothing compared to what's possible with today's high-powered computers and graphics cards.

    The beauty of this concept (from a developer's point of view) is that you don't need to come up with a story/plot line, or even the characters contained within the story. They've already been laid out by the original game. Which of you wouldn't be thrilled to see a Hammerite swinging one of those huge hammers again? Or to see and hear Viktoria again, and her sexual innuendo with Garrett?

    The reboot concept is something, in my opinion, many older, once-popular games would benefit from. The Descent series from Interplay comes to mind. With today's cutting-edge graphics and quad-core CPU's, new life can be brought to old games.

    If the idea of a remake of The Metal Age isn't everyone's cup of tea, I still think the series would greatly benefit from a "look back" at the game's roots. So maybe it doesn't have to be a remake, but rather a story that takes place between Thief 1 and 2, or even before Thief 1. The farther Thief gets away from its roots, the less it feels like Thief to me.

    Lastly, some tips for the next installment: Ditch the shroud effect. Users shouldn't have to learn to use a hex editor to remove unwanted effects. Ditch "swoop". While kinda neat, it felt too much like a cheat, much like "flatten" in the previous game made you virtually undetectable. And while I applaud the effort to bring back rope arrows, sadly you got it wrong...again. Thief level design has to be thought of in the same way as an MMO - that is to say that players will try to go anywhere they can jump/fly/climb, and the design has to take that into account. Contextual placement of rope arrows defeats the purpose of them entirely. Rope arrows have two major functions: "Can I stick a rope arrow into that building to gain access to the open window/ledge/roof?" and "Oh crap, guards! Quickly shoot a rope arrow into something wooden overhead and climb out of sight". Just as you design carpets to make less noise, wood textures need to be defined as being "rope arrow capable". A "real" rope arrow environment would allow the player to escape detection by guards even if there were no overhead beams, ledges, or whatnot. You could simply fire a rope arrow into the eaves of a building and climb up, hanging on the rope while the guards passed by below. Of course, this means you can't retrieve your arrow, but that's part of the decision-making process of being a thief.

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    Your ideas are great. But most likely EM won't listen. Look at the current Thief reboot as exhibit A if you want proof. Just for fun I would like to see a futuristic-medieval theme in the next Thief game. Kind of like the Dune movie. Or just a fanmission of it using a more up to date game engine.