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Thread: Invitation Codes

Invitation Codes

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    Invitation Codes

    Recommend and post your own invite codes here in this thread. The more the merrier, right? ^_-

    Starting off with:TL11276

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    Wooooooooooooooot!!! Not only a forum, but a post for anyone who would like to get a bonus guardian when they start the game...

    Please use my code. If you friend me also I will gladly send you all of my bonus silver slimes! ;-)

    HairTie -- Code: QR08314


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    Feel free to use my invitation code and get a free rare card!

    DB57540 and add me as a friend Ppelrine

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    please add me as ur friend, anyone invited^^, in game name: Laveth

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    Invite Code ND24889, name Yurika.

    I still need help unlocking the Final Fantasy bouns cards, still have 19 to go.... D'oh! If you are new please use my code.

    Great Thread, see you in game!

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    Feel free to use my referral code: TM23880

    You'll get a nice card to pound opponents in the early levels.

    Much appreciated!

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    Use my code to recieve a rare card from the game DY08146 and in addition for a limited time only i will now be handing out additional cards(rank 3 rares) and stones also the lucky person number 2 will recieve a 4 star from the game so will you answer the call and help a fellow out DY08146

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    If anyone'd like to use my awesome, confusing code:


    The first two letters are O's, the rest following are zeroes.

    I'll send off an extra three-star monster to anyone who uses it,
    & I also frequently share Silver Slimes with all my friends. ♥

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    Nice avatar. ^_-

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    Originally Posted by Grimoire

    Nice avatar. ^_-

    Oh don't I know it. (;
    I like yours, too, although on the happiness meter we're on completely different levels.

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    Thank you. Full artwork:

    True, very true. Couldn't have said it better myself. Although, in spite of my grim appearance, I am still able to enjoy a card duel from time to time. ^_-

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    If anyone is able please use this referral code: EE45843



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    Use my invitation code FA70049 if you are just starting for a free rare card.

    Use my code and I will send you an extra super rare (4 star) card as a bonus when I get the message that my code was used.

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    IGN: Razikale

    Friend Code: OM00064

    Use my code if you are new to Guardian cross to get special limited cards or if u have an account i will trade for special limited cards also trading all 6 Dragonlings for limited cards

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    Ahh. The full piece is really stunning.
    I don't think there's anything better than a good card duel. Who doesn't enjoy 'em?
    But I don't want to bury anyone else's invite codes, so I'll quit talking on the thread.

    My brother wanted his code posted, too:

    He's a cool kid.

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    Giving out lots of Super Rares, need a couple more for my 10 referrals...FA70049 Team name Joeschmoe friend me while youre at it for some friend points... If you are the 10th person to use my code I will throw in an Ace (two 4 star cards from me plus the auto generated rare from the system).

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    My code is AI39887. Thanks.

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    Add me GW42489 ^^ thanks~

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    Hi, please feel free to use mine : MH18682

    ... and add me as a friend too

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    Use my invitation code and get one free rare card!

    I will also give out an additional 3 star silver slime + 1 normal guardian stone.

    Silver slime can be used to super enhance your guardians and guardian stones give out additional attributes.

    Will also help out any new players with tips , just msg me in game


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    please use my code GO60313
    if you have a great heart and want to give your rare card my Team name vickysieto
    i have 2 seiryu if you interest maybe we can trade...(4 star or 5 star)

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    Add me if possible

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    AY64567 is my invitation code . I don't know if I will e ver get a lord of the inferno, but, trying... Need helpinghands ...

    In my attemt, I shall give a free 3* card to you, or a four star card the more people I have invited, plus I promise to you a super slime advantage!!!Seriously! oh, and plus, the free rare final fantasy card too, I forgot. Yu get that too X) ~

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