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Thread: Invitation Codes

Invitation Codes

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    post your own invite codes here in this thread. The more the merrier, right?


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    Originally Posted by Grimoire
    Recommend and post your own invite codes here in this thread. The more the merrier, right? ^_-

    Starting off with:TL11276
    Hello all!

    Plz enter my invitation code:QE75397. U'll have 4* guardian and also I'll send silver and gold slimes as a present

    Thx to all!! Have a nice game!!

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    Just adding my name to the thread! Invitation code is DN61527 and my team name is Nevahl.

    I send gold/silver slimes and am trying to make a 5 star all mech team. Willing to trade 5 stars for ones I don't have in my catalogue as well!

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    Hey everyone! My code is YV32464. PM me/add me in game after you entered it. IGN: Zephyrsign and i'll be sure to send you silver slimes/gold slimes when i find some and other goodies too

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    My code is WX82842 thanks to all who use it to get us both cards

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    Hi fellow Guardian cross fans use my Code:IP63962 for a free 4* rare I'll also add you as a friend to send some extra 4* rares and silver slimes to make them more powerful

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    My invitation ID is BZ38182 and I'll even give you rare cards to start with. Just let me know.

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    My invitation ID is LL42495 and I'll even give you rare cards to start with. Just let me know.

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    Hi everyone, here is my

    invitation code: CT91452
    my ign: HyperionXn

    if anyone who use my invitation code i can gv u decent good 4* card for you and also will send slime for u to lv up ur card everytime i cacth them.
    so hope you guys will use it. btw after using my invitation code please pm me if i dint send the 4* card that is because i dint notice it.

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    Add my code SJ24424 at the start of the game for a rare 4 star card. I'll give you more rare cards in game if you add me, just send a message

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    Hi my invite code is FP73107, use it and I will send you a 4 star guardian also.

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    Please use my invite code!


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    Quick and easy!

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    Please use my invitation code for rare card!

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    The best card game u can find ! Use my code and we both get nice cards: OO64848
    Add also me to your friend and we can collaborate !
    Have fun !

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    Enter invitation ID ZT82467 and we’ll both get a rare card. This is for Android version

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    Aug 2013
    My code is QE86819 and my name in the game Cléo
    If you need 4 stars, just ask, I've too much of them

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    My name is Biggwhitey

    Code # is DV94848


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    Sep 2013

    Hi to Everyone, Introduction for the Promotional Hydra Card

    Hi to everyone. I am new to the Guardian Cross game but I have been a fan of SE and its games for a long time. I just started on the android server and I am enjoying the game a lot. I like how the game is fun, but not overly time consuming on a basic level. Hopefully I can get my promotion hydra card and if anyone wants to contact me here or in game feel free to. My IGN is DiRtYbEaR and referral code is ZN12233. I would like to become an accomplished player and I'm open to any tips for gameplay or donations of 4 or 5 star cards/ silver slimes if people are quitting. Thanks and hopefully everyone has a nice labor day weekend.

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    Sep 2013
    My referral code is VE12585.How can we get Hydra?

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    Hi, my code for iOS is SF62453. In-game name is Rydius.
    Also have andriod, code IV86364, in-game name Russ80.

    Thanks =)

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    Playing on Android
    Invite code: WL13014 . Easy to remember, name not so much - Opulent Disparity. I'm pretty new, so any help getting some hi ranking cards would be awesome.

    Happy gaming. Lets start kicking some cheater arse.

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    Invite : EV65289
    Looking for SS buddies!

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    Greetings and Good Day!
    I hope this post finds each of you doing well.

    Please feel free to use my code when convenient for you.

    Thank you for your kindness.

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