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Thread: 3D Tomb Raider in Virtual Reality ---Oculus Rift/ google Cardboard for android?

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    Exclamation 3D Tomb Raider in Virtual Reality ---Oculus Rift/ google Cardboard for android?


    I was very excited to see you've released the original TR (my favorite!) on Android phones.

    There is an android app that projects true 3D from your phone (it basically just puts two versions of the game on the phone screen that you then look through through special goggles, making it look 3D to your brain)

    Since you've already got the game running on the phone screen, has any work been done (or is in the process of being done) to make TR original play in true 3D - with phone based 3D viewers like the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, or even the very inexpensive Google Cardboard that creates a 3D headset from a smartphone for $15??

    This is my DREAM is to play Tomb Raider Original in true 3D!! It seems you are 90% there already - you have it running on a smartphone, now all your developers need to do is break the image into two that can be seen through the goggles.

    The Oculus Rift comes out in 2016, the Unreal engine is supported by other types of 3D converters, and as the older games controls were simple compared to modern day games, I hope it would be a relatively easy conversion -- maybe you can be at the forefront of bringing Tomb Raider to be one of the first classic games to 3D Virtual Reality!! Please consider this it has been my lifelong dream to "step into' the Tomb Raider world!!

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    I just grabbed this discounted Google Cardboard from Thieve and it works perfectly. Here's the link for anyone thinking of grabbing one:

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