Thread: THief Gold HD Texture Mod version 1.0

THief Gold HD Texture Mod version 1.0

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    THief Gold HD Texture Mod version 1.0

    Bentraxx's Thief Gold HD texture mod has reached version 1.0 and is available now!

    Included are several new textures and features added from the previous version:

    - added Interactive Candels (all candles have flames now, allow you to douse them with water arrows, snuff by frobbing, and relight with fire arrows)
    - added lightmapped water/lava for all TG missions
    - added "NewDark Graphics Settings Tool v1.0" with more options! (Enhanced AI Detection, Subtitles, OM/FM Mode, FM Selector, View Current Settings)
    - added all Garrett's monologues on "Lord Bafford's Manor"
    - added full english subtitles for all characters (beta v0.8) + german subtitles for "Garrett", "Cutty", "Murus" and "The Eye" !
    - added some new HD textures
    - added a new animation effect on water, fire and gas arrows
    - added many improved object textures
    - added some improved object models (sword, lamps and more...)
    - added some new tree and bush objects
    - added improved AI skins
    - fixed a problem with a lava pool on "The Mage Towers"
    - fixed some textures
    - fixed some in air flying objects
    - fixed some torches and fireplaces

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    Bloody brilliant!

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    This is just plain amazing, surely worth another go with this mod enabled. Got to love the modding community.