I have been a FF fan for over two decades now, and I have to say firstly these games are spectacular in design and story telling, Like most people I found FF VII by accident, and fell in love with the genre. Since then it's been a roller coaster of emotions and overall happiness as FF fan. I own every copy of the games up to 10 and 10-2 and 12.

It is my personal belief that FF-online doesn't belong on a console, be it, XI or XIV, it just doesn't play as smoothly as it should, the PC is the best place for online games, which is fine, I don't believe that I should pay for a game and then pay again for the right to play it. So I don't play the online stuff. That;'s fine, 3.5 million people play online and they love it.

My real reason for posting, is the turn based combat is one of the games strengths and character immersion is a highly sought after trait in any RPG and I've heard SE is running out of creative juice, they have all this tech and nothing to apply it too. (What I heard ! )

So I've come here with an idea, maybe already cast or considered, but I would like to hear more on the subject and what other fans might think.

FF VII is getting that star treatment, digital enhancements and combat play updates and special effects that will make this game a success for an entire new generation of gamer's and old die hards like myself. My first thought was wow, I will pay for this, I will pay a lot for this. Then I thought some more, and started wishing SE would Remaster and re-release ALL of the FF Series, Starting with 1 and 2. and have a target of one game per year for the next decade.

I think that would be wonderful and exciting, I would just ask that the games be single player stories, with ( if needed ) an option to play with friends in 2-4 player missions, removing npc squad mates in favor of rpc friends. I know it's probably a pipe dream, and it will never actually happen. But if it did, it could reshape the direction of rpgs for the future.

As a final note, I would just like to say Thank You, SE. for bringing me my fondest memories and replays of a series of games with no rival or equal. Right now I'm about to dive into FFIX for the second time on a PS one Emulator I found on the PS Store.