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Thread: Users with Unreal Logo/PhysX issues

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    Post Users with Unreal Logo/PhysX issues

    We're stillexperiencing issues with some users still not able to launch the game. Seemingly `stopping` on the Unreal Logo screen.

    If you check Event Viewer (run eventvwr.msc from command prompt) and see errors for Life is Strange attributed to PhysXCore.dll then read on..

    For users on 400 series to 900 series nVidia GPUs. Ensure this driver is installed

    For OLDER GeForce nVidia users, ensure this driver is installed.

    We supply both of these in the <steamapps>\common\Life Is Strange\_CommonRedist\PhysX folder..

    Possible Fix/Solution for non nVidia users[/b]
    Go to add/remove programs under control Panel
    Find `NVIDIA PhysX System Software x.xx.xxxx
    Uninstall this program (may need to find the nVidia folder under Program files and delete the PhysX folder as it doesnt seem to remove all traces of itself
    Either manually browse to the `commonredist` folder within Steamapps for Life is Strange and install the PhysX driver again (9.13 for older cards, 9.14 for newer) or simply reverify local files to retrigger pre-requisite installation from steam itself.
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