Thread: 'Dramatic changes' and Advent Children will help shape the Final Fantasy 7 Remake

'Dramatic changes' and Advent Children will help shape the Final Fantasy 7 Remake

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    'Dramatic changes' and Advent Children will help shape the Final Fantasy 7 Remake

    Sorry, fans of Square Enix's Active Time Battle system, but it sounds like the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is going a different direction for its combat. Speaking to Official PlayStation Magazine, game director Tetsuya Nomura said that the team will be making "dramatic changes" to the game's fights. "And of course, that being said we want to clarify: We’re not going to be changing it into a shooter or something like that. We are going to be bringing dramatic changes, but we want to make sure it’s still recognizable."

    If the thought of something different-but-kinda-the-same brought to mind the 2005 film Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, you're not too far off from Nomura's own thinking. Nomura stated that the team will be looking to the movie - which Nomura also directed - for visual references and inspiration, but that he and his team "don’t intend on utilising the 3D models of Advent Children as is because, well, it’s a different technology, and it’s actually been almost ten years since Advent Children was first released."

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    Stupid SE

    they will never learn.

    im boycotting SE games

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    Looking at AC its hard to believe its been 10 years. I understand the need to adapt (interesting how the major fanbase differs). I am curious what this atb might be explored within vii remake.

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    Copy/Paste from what I wrote on another thread (probably the wrong thread in FF General :P)

    I'm elated about this news, as are a great deal of fans who experienced FFVII back when it was released (you know, when they made real Final Fantasy games and not the linear, move-from-one-fight-to-another crap they release these days). Sorry kids, but those of us who grew up on games that came before FFX actually know what a real RPG is. And that's what also worries me about this announcement. I'm worried that Square-Enix is going to try to modernize a lot more about FFVII than they should, just to appeal to the twitch-gaming kids that came up on Call of Duty and Devil May Cry games (all good games in their own rights, but not in the same class as FFVII). They have already confirmed that they are not doing an exact remake of the game, and will be making some significant changes. Now, I raised an eyebrow when I played FFX, and FFXII did little to redeem my faith, but I was downright disgusted with FFXIII and its sequels. That was NOT Final Fantasy, no matter what name you slap on the box. Again, you would know this if you grew up playing anything before FFX. If they "modernize" FFVII in the same way they have done to the series itself, I would never even rent another Square-Enix product again, let alone buy one. There are some main features that they would be insane to tamper with:

    The Battle System - FFVII is a turn-based/ATB battle system game. That's just how it is, if you change that it affects something that made up part of the "soul" of FFVII. It would take away a lot of the strategy that was a hallmark of the FF games of its time. It would also screw over the materia system, one of the best things about the game.

    The Materia - If you get rid of the materia system, this is not Final Fantasy VII...I don't care what label you put on the box. You can insist it is FFVII Remade all you want, it's legally FFVII remade, but no true fan of the original FFVII will regard it as FFVII, Remade or otherwise. We will disown it like a child who has done the unspeakable.

    Don't mess with the main story points! - Ok, so if you want to make it so that Aeris never met Zack, ok fine. The fact that she knew him was pretty inconsequential. If you want to make it so that Aeris doesn't die....big problem there. That's a major point in the story line, and although we all wished she had lived, it's one of those "what's done is done" moments, and is one of the most emotionally provocative moments of the game. FFVII didn't enjoy so much success because of the (excellent) game mechanics. The thing that sky-rocketed it to the top of the charts was the spectacularly written story line.

    Don't make it an "RPG For Dummies" game! - Seriously, do not soften up the old-school difficulty. If I fight a Weapon, I want to experience a beautiful visually remastered Weapon with an old school Weapon at is core beating the Hell out of me and pushing my party to the edge.

    There are other things that other gamers have pointed out (just Google if you want examples) but these are the main ones for me.
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    We’re not going to be changing it into a shooter or something like that.
    Ha! Oh my, what does that remind me of? Glad to hear it.
    Personally hoping that the only Advent inspiration is visual stuff though. Really not a fan of depressed Cloud. He had his speech and pushed through it all because he had to stop Meteor. Yeah, everyone around him dies, but come on.

    Originally Posted by Justin1025
    It would also screw over the materia system, one of the best things about the game.
    Actually, as long as there's a menu that can be used, materia can work exactly the same. The only real questions would be if the rest of your party uses it right and if it's organized well. The Emerald fight is also a concern because it's underwater, but other than that, I think it'll be fine.