Thread: Ladies and Gentlemen, DragonQuest X

Ladies and Gentlemen, DragonQuest X

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, DragonQuest X

    That's right, DragonQuest is on it's way!

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    Have a source for that?

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    Why hello sir,

    Yes, i have a source it would be the Wall Street Journal.

    I have always found that certain entities in the press are more pertinent and forthright in their efforts.
    it is true that when there is an anouncement of such momentousness, that often times the correct course of action is of diligent encouragement.

    Regardless SquareEnix leaked that Dragon Quest XI will be an american title, or did you miss the logo?
    with development time and the fact that the tenth installment has sold sixty six million copies world wide,
    you can be the judge as to the likelyhood of the decision to release Dragon Quest X to a grateful american/european audience

    Thank you for your response,
    Mr. Steiner

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    During the recent press event the announcement was made Dragon Quest X for PS4,
    and XI will be brought to both the PS4 and 3DS.

    Have a great day,
    Cid Steiner

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    Request your copy of Dragon Quest X today!

    The possibility of localizing Dragon Quest X for western audiences was discussed
    recently in two articles published by Techno Buffalo and Silicon Era if there are enough fan requests

    "Magnus Ventilantium"

    Requestingly Yours,
    The SquareEnix Troll

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    Dragon Quest Fans are welcome here, there, everywhere!

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