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Thread: Question about the Lore of Prophets.

Question about the Lore of Prophets.

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    Originally Posted by lucinvampire
    That’d be fun to play

    Yes, the human classes might be loosely based around things, like the vampire hunters in SR with their hand cannons, but looking at it there isn’t load more shown in game, if the game just went by what is seen in that era, we wouldn’t have much to play with so I’m glad they have been branching out with all the other classes as little, as long as they don’t “break the lore” then it’s good and gives us something fun to play.
    Pretty much yeah. There wasn't much that was left of the world by the time we saw it, so they had to extrapolate from the world's lore and expand on it. As long as the process is done thoughtfully and with regard to the world-building that's been done before, I honestly love to see creators expand on things that have been done before to give us a more fleshed-out creation. I'd say that Psyonix have been working really hard to make sure they do it right, even when they've created new things that may not have been there before.

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    Been playing since January and I had no idea the prophets were female.

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