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    Hail, LoK fanatics, some years back I dedicated myself to chart the LoK games, some by hand, others with the big help of ModelEx. It was only a few days ago that I perceived a new version of ModelEx was out, capable of reading SR2 files. As soon as I knew this I started composing all the rooms, as I did for SR1 almost ten years ago.

    So here you have the map for SR2.!cI0yjD6K!aAvzxk...iCMhe_BtFxNaWk!pA8Q1D6b!Dxaapg...GrXAoVy1s5TdNs!RMsAzDiS!xuivdy...CIkPUv7oe6cARk

    On the method I composed all the rooms on Photoshop, obtaining them by the ModelEx tool. I tried measuring them using in-game Raziel steps, there is thus error, but we can already have a good notion of the whole scheme. I am glad to confirm the precision of my hand-made SR2 map (made those years back), but of course here it was now more difficult to avoid room collision. And on this is the biggest headache. Those years ago there was much disputation on the common architectural rigor of SR2. Starting with the Sarafan Stronghold we can at last confirm that its architecture is a fallacy; there can be no way to fit all the rooms even inside the Stronghold, let alone with the outside. The very first room is impossible with the outside corridor and Cloister. For the Main Sanctuary ModelEx could not read the file. It is "Strong4a.drm", if someone can read it and wants to send it to me, I can put it in, for now there is that image from the game's extras. The distance between the Cloister and Chapter House is absurd if it was ever conceived to fit with the Main Sanctuary. Of course on this I am most curious if the Stronghold came to be thus by memory constrictions or by removed rooms or by something else. Unless some divine, creator's, voice clarifies this for us, we will be left to our conjectures. Because of this I edited three versions of the map: one with the Sarafan Stronghold separated, an other with it aligned to the big door and an other with it aligned to the small door. It can be fun to see in both these last versions how the rooms collide with the Light Forge or the way to the Pillars.

    Next, the Light Forge. It was again difficult to convene the ulterior rooms, there is some fabrication on my part. There is some collision with the Lake.

    Next, the Pillars. To convene the subterranean room with the Pillars above I had to again fabricate the composition. The big area to the left cannot seem to match the caverns from the Pillars to it.

    Then in the Swamp we can see the Time Streaming room goes below the Dark Forge, which does not seem to be an impediment, since they are on different levels. It is worse with the Dark Forge itself and its right rooms colliding with the entrance to the canyons at the end of the Swamp. Again I forced the composition of the rooms in the Dark Forge. If proved to be true, I cannot understand how even these small areas were not made to fit together.

    Lastly the Janos edifice. It will be difficult to discern all this by the superposition of the rooms, but here we have the first inside room, which is given with an opening in the ceiling that seems to be difficult with the rooms above it. Then the main room immediately collides with its affluent corridor and somewhat with the previous room. Then its deriving corridor apparently goes ridiculously to the left, going way beyond its convening location with Janos' room. The Fire Forge appears to be completely misset since it collides it the previous main room.

    The main question is, if indeed true, on the apparent difficulty in having true architecture in the game.

    A final comment can be that the map is mostly South-North, not extending as far East as could be supposed.

    Have fun on your way through this map, I hope you enjoy it and can share your comments on it, particularly any suggestions on its composition to make it work as best as possible.

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    I have a new version of ModelEx in the works. It has features that let you toggle different parts of the environment so you can get rid of badly textured areas and toggle stuff from before and after the cutscenes etc. It's not quite finished and still needs to support transparencies and lighting and has a number of bugs, but it does provide much better ways of viewing what you want to see and cutting out collision mesh and the portals connecting one area to another and stuff. It will let you hide skyboxes too.
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    Brilliant Shrykull, nice to see it all put together and amazed at all the things that don't match. Look fantastic though, great work
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