Thread: Hunter weapon/newbie question

Hunter weapon/newbie question

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    Hunter weapon/newbie question

    I used repeater most of the time, but since I finished my new recruit matches and earned 15, I started playing team dm and noticed there are some people using multibow on hunters making very decent to excellent damage.I read some topics here on the forum, but I didnt find definite answer which one is better currently.I bought multibow for 7 days and found it a bit more difficult to manage than repeater especially in close combat situations, for example when fighting summoner + his minions.Here on forum I read that multibow requires more skill when shooting but if thats true, is it worth practicing multibow or should I just stay with repeater.Or, on the other hand, maybe some 3rd bow is better than both so Id like some indepth information from older players because I noticed some ppl saying repeater is better while some say multibow is better.Thanks in advance.

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    It all depends upon the situation and your comfort in using a particular weapon. I find the 3 round burst of the multi-bow to be great at longer ranges but awful if the vampires get close and I'd say the repeater is probably the better choice for close range, though the larger magazine of the bolt thrower can help with taking 'em can the increased power of the Siege Bow.

    Erm basically I found when I came back for mysterious weapons that all of the bows I had left behind were all really good... I eventually settled back down on the Siege bow I had before though. These days I'll change the bow mid-match if the situation changes. So yeah - personal taste, comfort and situation really. Good luck
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    I prefer the three shot bow. With the normal one, I feel like I can't hit anything with the recoil. My aim sucks in general though, which is why I like those Alchemist sticky bombs. I also quite like the powerful pistols for the Prophet. I seem to go better with precise aiming with those guns for some reason.

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    I prefer the Siege Bow because of it's higher damage per hit compared to the regular one. It's not quite as high as the Multibow, but I find the Multibow to be a little unwieldy because of it's burst-fire mode. The lower rate of fire for the Siege Bow doesn't bother me all that much because I usually don't spray.

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    The Multibow is the only one I never mastered.

    That's not to say its bad, as a matter of fact, it's very good if you can make sure those 3 bolts hit their mark.

    The few times I've used the multibow, some of those times I did unexpectingly well with it.

    Its more preference though, but the multibow makes for great aim training.