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Game freezing

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    Unhappy Game freezing

    Hi guys,
    I am also having a freezing problem!

    After completing the "secure the Typhoon" mission and talking to Malik, then taking off in the copter the game sorta freezes up on the following cutscene.

    The sound locks on a repeat and there's a skylight that sweeps the sky normal like, but the scene itself is frozen. I can't do anything except click on "skip" and when I do I get a scene with Jensen and Malik outside the now landed copter
    and though both are animated (not frozen), there's no dialog, no dialog options, and that same sound still repeating!

    I have run Steam's game cache verification and it says all is ok, can someone please help me!

    (OH - and when I then try to exit the game my computer locks up on the exit screen!)

    My specs are:

    Acer Aspire E 17
    Pentium quad-core CPU N3540 (2.66GHz)
    Intel HD graphics
    4 GB DDR3 L Memory
    Well, seems I may have solved the problem myself!
    Seems that my copy of DX:HR just don't like Direct X 11!
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