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Thread: Favourite character?

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    Cool Favourite character?

    Hi everyone!

    Wanted to get a thread going to see who is your favourite character from the series so far?

    Post who and why in comments below

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    Mmm. . .that's not as easy as it sounds. I'll have to think on that one a bit before I decide.
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    Max. Definitely. I completely identified with her.

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    1. Chloe
    2. Max
    3. Dana

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    Alright, I like all characters so far. I'd place them in order to how much I like them.
    0th place -Lisa - Best character in gaming history. Nah just kiddin'

    1 st place - Max - Max's awesome in every way, 90% of us agree on that, right?
    2 nd place - Chloe - She's way cooler than anyone else, a little selfish but I care a lot about Chloe.
    3 rd place - Kate - She left an scar/emptiness. I really wish we could see her again somehow.
    4 th place - David - I care about him. I know he's not nice at times. But he'll redeem himself as a father.
    5 th place - Frank - Cool guy, reminds me of an old friend. He seems to be an electric guitar player.
    6 th place - Warren - I think he's cool and funny. Warren definitely deserves a chance. Right now, he's falling to background.
    7 nd place - Joyce - What's not to like about Joyce? Caring and of course preparing, bacon 'n eggs, pancakes, Belgian waffles.
    8 th place - Mark - He's a good guy so far and kind of like an open book.
    9 th place - Mr. Wells - Funny when drunk.
    10th place - Taylor - She's cute and funny. "HI TAYLOR" 0__o
    11th place - Victoria - Love mockin' her and seeing her plans backfire.
    12th place - Daniel - He made that drawing for Max. It was kind of cute how Max reacted to it.
    13th place - Dana - She's alright.
    14th place - Samuel - Here's Johnny! >=D
    15th place - Nathan - I tried to be nice to him but he cracks up every single time.
    16th place - Justin - He's alright.
    17th place - Alyssa - She very uninteresting but funny. Want to see another thing happening to her.
    18th place - Stella - Stella once said something interesting in ep1. Right now her character is extremely flat.
    19th place - Courtney - She looks good but I guess she has a passion for rejecting people or somethin'. xD
    20th place - Brooke - Meh, she's kind of boring. :P
    21th place - William - We don't know him yet. In ep3 everything got artificial and surreal.

    All other characters, I either way didn't remember them, or they didn't make it to the list. :P
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    HMMMM.... This is a really hard question. I'm going to have to say Max. I have connected to her as a person, and even though I am of the opposite gender, I have had tons of girls that are friends that have been a huge part of my life. Not to mention Max's love for photography. I have KNOWN that photography was going to be my #1 since I was a kid. I think my first photo was with a Polaroid OneStep or something. I still have the photo and the camera. I think it was a selfie before selfies were selfies. What is so strange is that my old polaroid is pretty much the same as Max's. So that was a big connection, until her's broke in episode 1... Hannah Telle does such a great job bringing a hipster vibe to her character. UGH, I JUST LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH IT ISN'T FUNNY! So, yeah... Max.

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    Lol well Max is the sweetest personality of them all of course. Funny thing is, all her inner monologue.. there are quite a few people who have that exact same thing. Like you can hear yourself talking all the time, around others you may seem relaxed but inside you're always thinking and working stuff out. It's funny how many people can identify themselves with her. But I really haven't found a woman yet, who shares these characteristics. Today for example, if we're comparing a real womans personality, someone I spoke to kind of reminded me of Victoria. Nagging at me for not having/liking the new technologies and "being hipster/old".
    But I just made fun of myself for a bit and she stopped eventually. xD

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    Max of course! But I'm going to mention Chloe as well. I think she's misunderstood. I think she's hurting, but at the same time, she's helping Max as well. She cares for her, and I like that. Chloe might feel alone, but I don't think Max does because of her.

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    Joyce Price

    Simply put. . .and after due consideration.

    I can identify with Joyce more than other character in the game. She has dealt with a tragic loss, mentally picked herself up, and although she has made a questionable choice (from an outside point of view) in her latest marriage, she is a strong, caring person.

    Joyce has had to endure Chloe's mood swings and personality changes ever since William died, but through all that, Joyce has been constant in one thing; she loves her daughter no matter what.

    I like Joyce.
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    Max. Like others I identify with her more than any other character. I am also shy, introverted and yes, I have my quirks, too.

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    #1 David Madsen - I know he is one of the designated hate characters and a lot of his actions are indeed questionable, but if you look beyond his actions to his motives, I think its fair to say that his heart is in the right place.
    #2 Man in beige shirt jacket outside the two wales diner in episode 2 - Cynical ass but his dialogue made me laugh and reminds me of myself.
    #3 William - he seems like a totally awesome guy and great dad. if I had the ability to save one person in the game it would be him because he makes a lot of the people around him happy.
    #4 Kate - She's lovely and wouldn't hurt a fly.
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    Of course David too. He reminds me very much of my step dad. Couldn't kick him out so I sided with him. He also gained a lot of respect from me for collecting all the evidence.

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    Chloe, because I really like and enjoy characters who have issues and struggle through their lives.

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    Can't believe how well Dontnod managed to make all characters re-appear with a little depth added to them.
    I could even make a new list with different names ending on top now.

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    David is clearly most likable person in Arcadia Bay. And that sayin a lot.

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    Max, David, Broke

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    I thought I'd make it more interesting and I was also interested to see which characters were out ahead.

    How points are earned
    • 3pts for a users 1st choice
    • 2pts for 2nd choice
    • 1pt for 3rd choice
    • .5pt for 4th and above

    Favourite characters by points earned (so far)
    1. Max - 39
    2. Chloe - 17
    3. David - 12.5
    4. Kate - 7.5
    5. Joyce - 6.5
    6. Mark Jefferson - 3
    7. William - 2.5
    8. Dana - 2
    9. Man in beige shirt jacket outside the two wales diner in episode 2 - 2
    10. Brooke - 1.5
    11. Warren - 3
    12. Alyssa - 0.5 (12 through 23 are in joint place)
    13. Courtney - 0.5
    14. Daniel - 0.5
    15. Frank - 0.5
    16. Justin - 0.5
    17. Nathan - 0.5
    18. Mark - 0.5
    19. Mr.Wells - 0.5
    20. Samuel - 0.5
    21. Stella - 0.5
    22. Taylor - 0.5
    23. Victoria - 0.5
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    1.Max-she's probably one of my top 5 favorite protagonists overall rightnow.
    2.David-He seems like the only the authority figure that's trying to make a difference.
    3.Chloe-usually characters like her are my favorite but Max and David are just too interesting in my opinion.

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    1. Kate: She seems to be the only genuine person. Anyone else feel bad when Jefferson tried to pin all the bullying she was experiencing on her?
    2. Max: Do I need a reason.
    3. Joyce: She needs a little love too. She's dealing with a rebellious teenage daughter. Plus, I have want some of her cooking.

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    1) Chloe
    2) Max
    3) William
    4) Dana

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    In no order of preference:

    Joyce, William, Chloe and Max. Davids coming up the like meter.

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    1. Max, hands down. You feel like you want to protect her, but deep down you know that her will is way stronger than yours - I would have been madly in love with her if she was in my school. And real. Anyway
    2. Joyce. She's like, too cool to be real. Strong, responsible and nice at the same time.
    3. Chloe. For the enthousiasm and the "I've got something broken in me but I'm too proud to ask for someone to fix it" feel. Well, "punk" for short.
    4. Warren. This little guy is great, nerdy but both sensible and courageous. And he has good tastes since he loves Max.

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    Max, Max, then Max, followed by Max, then Chloe, then Max.

    Seriously, I keep vacillating wildly between being in love with Max, and wanting to *be* Max.

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    People might hate me for this but it's Mr. Jefferson for me... I love his character development and the way he's been set up as the antagonist has created a huge effect among the fans which is what's made him such a great villain! The fact that he receives so much loathing from fans shows how good a antagonist he really is. Also I think his persona is just amazing, and couldn't have been better. So I'm one of the few of the brave to go ahead and say Mark Jefferson, I just think he's an absolutely amazing character so thank you Dontnod!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenda View Post
    Chloe for sure.

    Don't know if you guys are aware but there's a favourite character poll on the life is strange wiki homepage and Chloe has the most votes more than max surprisingly.
    Max and nobody else, ever!! I kind of agree with Theleast but I like many other characters too . I was very surprised how Nathan's character had developed. He was like an archetypal villain but now I feel sorry for him, especially when I let Warren beat him down. He has serious problems and that isn't his fault.

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