Just wanted to share the news if you missed it during E3!

We’ve been working with Oculus to bring Hitman GO to the Samsung Gear VR for a little while now. How awesome is this?

A few guys (mostly Alex, hi Alex!) from our team have been hard at work building a prototype of the game made specifically for VR. It’s the great gameplay you know and love from Hitman GO’s mobile version, except you control everything WITH YOUR FACE. But seriously, you get to look around in a never seen before setting made for VR and mainly appreciate the diorama-style visuals of the game as if the board was right in front of you.

As with every VR game, it all makes sense when you try it yourself. That’s why we can’t wait for all of you to try it on the Samsung Gear VR! There is no release date yet for Hitman GO on Gear VR – but if you attended E3 and dropped by the Oculus booth, you might be one of the few lucky ones who got to try it! Stay tuned for more info in the future.