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Thread: What it takes to get to the top 200 or tier assassin!

What it takes to get to the top 200 or tier assassin!

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    ok someone got above those numbers, damn am getting old lol

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    Originally Posted by NicolasVerge
    Hey guys,

    Just a quick update, we're still looking at the best way to remove cheaters from the top 1000, but they're not as many as we thought.

    Top 1000 is at about 16 million right now. At this point I tell everyone to watch the replays of Oliveira78 on Everyplay, the winner of our tournament and the current number 1 player in the world:

    Watch and learn.
    I no longer think it's possible to crack the top 1000 with the cipher alone. I was once able to and was awarded the adagio, and with that gun I got a score of 18,755,120. But with the cipher alone it's nearly impossible for me to get over 18M. Problem is I had to delete the app and restoring progress from iCloud caused the game to crash, so I had to start from scratch. Suddenly my old score is now only ranking me at 1200 so I have lost the adagio. square enix please help me out!!!

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    I think it's still possible... I've just hit 18,897,555 and am currently showing as 1170 in leaderboard and my run was definitely a lot sloppier than it could've been (I missed some body disposals, missed a couple of ducks and a champagne bottle) only using Cipher.

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