Hey Guys,

Ever since the Final Fantasy VII remake has been announced, I've been super excited for the release!! I really love the old school turn based RPG games over the newer Final Fantasy battle systems. It could just be me. But anyways, since Final Fantasy VII is having a remake, I was wondering if that would open doors to other Final Fantasy games as well. I really really really to see a Final Fantasy IV remake with the graphics of Xbox One or PS4. The 3D version for Nintendo DS was pretty cool but I'd really want to see it new generation system graphics. To see the amazing story, characters, airships, summons, magic, etc. in modern day graphics would be so amazing! I really loved the story and music in that game as well. Another Final Fantasy game I'd love to see a remake for is Final Fantasy VI! I really hope they come with these remakes some day! I really want the old school turn-based gameplay with the new generation graphics. I guess all we can do for now is hope.